Maths Week 14-22 October.

Maths Week is 14th October to 22nd October. Portmarnock Community School have some exciting events planned for the week.

PCS is bringing the entire 1st year cohort to watch ‘Maths Magic’ with Fernando Blasco in Engineers Ireland on Tuesday 17th October. Dr Fernando Blasco uses magic to introduce his audience to topics such as prime numbers, knot theory, suduko, number systems, mind games, Rubik’s cube or quick calculations. It promises to be a very exciting show.


There will be Junior and Senior Maths question of the day for all our budding Mathematicians to solve. A Junior and Senior question will be posted  all around the school, with the help of Ms McDonald’s 4th year Maths class in the morning.  Answers need to be submitted into the Maths Solution box on stage in the Assembly all,  by 1.15pm everyday, for Mr O’Reilly to announce the winners the following morning. Yes, there will be a wonderful prize for each of our winners!!!


Finally, our grand finale is the Rubik’s Rumble on Friday the 20th October. All students are invited to complete the Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible against our resident expert Mr David Clarke. The Rumble will take place on Stage in the Assembly Hall at 1.10pm. Enter students, if you dare!!!