Ninja Nunchucks

Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:
Ninja Nunchucks
Nunchuku or nunchucks as they are commonly known were originally used as a farming tool, they were used to separate grain from the sheaf through beating. During feudal times when traditional weapons were banned, chinese would train their fighting skills in secret and employ everyday tools as weapons, this is where todays fighting nunchuku emerged from.
This introductory course is aimed at people who already posses a degree of fitness and agility who would like to master the basics of the nunchucku.
If you have ever looked at a Bruce Lee movie and thought ‘wow I wish I could do that’ then this course is for you.
Starts Saturday 30th Sept. 2017     11am – 12pm       10 Weeks      
€80 (equipment supplied)

About the Tutor: Gus Tolster Gus Tolster has been a student of Tai Chi under the direct guidance of Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun for the past 11 years. He has earned certification in the “18 step” ,”Lao Jia Yi Liu” and “Jian”(sword) forms. Gus has an interest in Nunchucks and enjoys the creativity and flexibility involved in using them.