Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:

New Course!

Learn how to get out of trouble quickly and safely. Learn techniques that are effective and self-defenserequire no major muscle strength. Develop power and effectiveness without strain or tension. Fun and interactive classes.

About the Tutor:

Arriving into a Ninjutsu class in 1994, I saw a 5ft weedy looking teacher take down a 6ft 2′ rugby player with apparently no effort. I was immediately hooked.
At the time I was closer to the 5ft weedy end of the spectrum, so I could immediately see
how it could be of benefit to me to learn this stuff! At the time I was a student in Birmingham and could sometimes feel a little nervous walking home at night. To be fair, nothing ever happened, but the fear was still there.It’s very unpleasant to be accompanied by fear.
As I trained, I didn’t get taller, I didn’t get broader, I didn’t noticeably increase my
muscle mass, I didn’t look like a rugby player! However, my skill increased, my confidence increased and my fear decreased.
Aggressors want an easy target. They’re far less likely to attack someone who seems confident.
To be clear, I wasn’t just ‘acting’ confidently. I had actually learned skills that would enable
me to deal with a violent situation so I therefore was confident.
I’m passionate about the fact that the skills I learned are not dependant on physical strength. Women have generally less muscle strength than men. This doesn’t matter! Women can be incredibly effective at self-defence.See for more details.

Mr. Ben Somers                10 Weeks    €100          7:30 – 9:30 pm