Staff Development and Graduation Day.

This Friday 20 May is a Staff development Day so no classes will take place as per the calendar.This Monday 23 May is Graduation Day for our Sixth Years which commences at 2pm in the PE hall. To facilitate preparations all classes will finish at 11.15. The buses have been informed.

A blog to make us proud.

Anyone who has been following the regularly updated text and videos posted from Lesotho will agree that pride in our wonderful students, teachers and Action Ireland volunteers is the overwhelming emotion. Thank you for allowing and facilitating them to travel and make a real difference so far away.

Check out Camillus Glover’s Blog by clicking the link or going to the page ‘Lesotho 2016’ above.

Heads Up!

Heads (2)

Congratulations to Sam Cox – Head Boy, Caitlin Kernan – Head Girl, Conor Holland – Deputy Head Boy and Fiona Tighe – Deputy Head Girl. We look forward to their and indeed all of the Prefect’s leadership over the coming year.

Annual General Meeting of PCS Parents’ Association

The Annual General Meeting of the Parents’ Association will take place on Tuesday 6th October 2015 in the school hall at 7.30pm.  Every Parent / Guardian is eligible to join the committee but must consent to his / her nomination.  If you wish to be a member of the committee, please complete the Nomination Form which was sent home with students this week.

Motions or nominations for the AGM should be sent to Tara Healy, Hon. Secretary of PCS PA, before Thursday, 1st October.

If you would prefer to be a volunteer / a non-committee member and you are willing to help out with the many school events, please sign the slip at the bottom of the Nomination Form or else, please let any member of the committee know.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

All motions / nominations / names of volunteers can be handed into the main office.

Procedure for New Applicants.


Procedure for applying for a place in 1st Year:

Applications, other than the Howth Deanery area, must be made by email ( or in writing during the October preceding entry (i.e. when the student is in 6th class).

Application forms will be posted to parents at the beginning of November.


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