Support Resources for our School Community.

It is very important that our students, parents and teachers are aware of the multiple supports and sources of tried and trusted advice among the many voices. 

Guidance Update During Covid 19 Emergency. 

Guidance Counselling Supports available for Students. 

We in the PCS Guidance Department want to continue to support our students during these most challenging of times for us all. Everyone needs as much support and connectivity/communication as possible during this difficult period. 

In order to facilitate this, we, the school Guidance Counsellors, can be contacted by email at any time. If you would like to schedule a guidance/career focussed meeting or a personal counselling appointment, please feel free to email any one of the Guidance team hereunder: 

We will text or email your parents or guardians for consent to be given via email. We can then organise a one to one private appointment with you via Zoom at a time that suits during normal school hours. 

Ms. Fox Ms. Keane Mr. Farrell 

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