Graduation Wishes to the Class of 2020.

Graduation Day Message for the Leaving Certificate Class 2020

                                   18th May 2020

“There is risk and truth to yourselves and the world before you” – Seamus Heaney

Today’s date will always be a memorable one for you and for me too. 18th May 2020 is a particularly special date marked on the 2019-2020 school calendar –  Graduation Day. If we could meet, we would be reminiscing. If we could sing a farewell song for you, it would be “May the road rise to meet you” and if we dared to dream, we could go to “infinity and beyond” – your chosen Graduation theme.

Graduation day normally offers the opportunity for reflection and thanksgiving. It marks an important day in your lives as you reach yet another stepping stone on the journey through life. It’s a day where you can pause for a moment and enjoy the luxury of looking back at the distance covered. 

Alas, the rhythm of school life was abruptly interrupted last March; life was thrown off-kilter and hopes were dashed. Uncertainty and disappointment became unwelcome travelling companions and it became difficult to see a next stepping stone in the stream ahead.

I commend you for the way in which you managed this great challenge. You steadied yourselves, showed great resilience and offered support to your fellow classmates.  And so we have arrived at Graduation Day – marking the end of school life, a time to say goodbye but also a time to mark another new beginning.

New beginnings and the importance of resilience reminds me of advice the late Seamus Heaney gave to a graduating class many years ago –

 “Getting started, keeping going, getting started again – in Art and in life, this is the essential rhythm not only of achievement but of survival, the basis of self-esteem and the guarantee of credibility in your lives, credibility to yourselves as well as to others”.

This is very relevant advice for you today, be true to yourselves, go with courage and confidence into the future as you reach for the next stepping stone.

Thanks to everyone who has helped you on this journey of stepping stones and constant new beginnings- to your Year Heads, Ms Dixon and Ms O’ Toole, your tutors Ms Dolan, Ms McGlynn, Ms Moran, Ms Cronin, Ms O’Connor, your Deputy Principal Ms Molamphy, your teachers, mentors and coaches – indeed everyone who has shown you acts of kindness and challenged you to reach the highest standards. Thanks to all my colleagues who got you started in 2014, kept you going over six years and helped get you started again when it was necessary.     

Today, 18th May 2020, I’m so aware of the world awaking around us again, offering hope for a new beginning.  My final thoughts draw on the words of Brendan Kennelly, which seem particularly apt:


Begin again to the summoning birds

To the sight of light at the window

Begin to the roar of the morning traffic


Though we live in a world that dreams of ending

That always seems about to give in

Something that will not acknowledge conclusion

Insists that we forever begin


Until we meet again, embrace the new beginning.

I bid you farewell and God’s speed.

Eithne Deeney





Ms. Orla O’Toole and Ms. Caroline Dixon say farewell to the LC Class 2020


It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to have been your Year Heads and to have seen you develop into the mature, kind and responsible young adults that you have become. 


Unfortunately, we can’t all be together today as we would have liked and we appreciate that you are missing out on so much of what we would all have hoped for. But your resilience through all of this will stand to you, and the LC class of 2020 will never be forgotten. You really have made history. Know that we are thinking of you today and over the next few months and we would like to thank you for being you, for all the laughter, the fun, the wit and the memories. We have experienced a myriad of emotions together over the past 6 years and we hope that you can look back and smile and remember us as fondly as we will remember you.


 We would like to leave you with a thought from Emily Dickinson:


Hope” is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all –


Go dtí go gcasfar ar a chéile arís muid go dté sibh slán.

Órla and Caroline


Message for 6th years from the Board of Management

On behalf of the Board of Management I would like to send you our very best wishes as you graduate from Portmarnock Community School. You are a very special group of young people. You are history-makers. You have worked hard and have prepared like all other Leaving Certificate students before you, but you have not been given the satisfaction of completing your Leaving Certificate in the way you expected. Nor did you get to celebrate your final days together in school in the manner you had anticipated and deserved. 

And yet, you have faced all the challenges presented by the lockdown and have come through with flying colours. We are proud of you. We recognise the strength of character and resilience you have shown over the past weeks. At a time when it was difficult to motivate yourselves to study, as the rules of the game were constantly changing, you kept going. Use these strengths as you move with confidence into the next stage of your life.

Your education in Portmarnock Community School has been an ongoing process which began in first year and has continued until today.  Your success will not only be measured in Calculated Grades but also in terms of the people you have become. Our mission is to build individual and compassionate men and women of character. Working hand in hand with the staff and your parents, you have most definitely achieved this. 

Portmarnock Community School has become a better place because of your presence and your unique contribution to school life as a year group. Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to the school community and the great example you have set for other students.

The members of the Board of Management wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavours. 

Now is your time to shine in a new way and in a new environment.

May you continue to be history-makers as you move out into the world.  

Siobhan Murray


Board of Management


Best Wishes to the Leaving Certificate Class 2020 from the Parents’ Association

Dear Class of 2020,


It is a long time since the world has been challenged in such a dramatic way, many comparing COVID 19 to the great wars and world famines. They are a reminder that we have the power to conquer and overcome the challenges we face today. This will be a year you will remember and history will constantly remind you off the experience of being The Leaving Certificate class of 2020. Allow your youth and innovation to give you the hope and inspiration for the future. Be part of the positivity that will take us all to a better place in the future. Stay focused on what you can do, not what you can’t do. In time it will work out, you will discover the right path for yourself.

You have served your families and school well over the last six years your time has not been wasted, no one can take from you all the good that you have done and that good will ultimately shine through as you make your life decisions.


The Parents’ Association would like to wish you well for the future and while your passing will not be marked by a Graduation ceremony, we the parents salute you one and all. We say thank you for all the valuable contributions you have made over the years. We thank you for the role models you have become in our school community across so many platforms, in music, drama, sport, debating, academics, overseas development, BT Young Scientist, Young Social Innovators, Digital Champions a list that can go on and on. So, stand tall, be proud and go on to the next part of your lives with confidence and courage


 Best wishes from Parents’ Association, PCS




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