Third Year Study Skills

For the attention of 3rd yr students who have paid online for Study Skills Seminars:

Due to increased demand, these seminars will now be provided on MONDAY  2nd Nov and TUESDAY 3rd Nov. Each seminar runs for 3 hours.
The following arrangements apply to students who have paid online by 4pm Friday 30 October.
Monday am 9.15 -12.15: 3F + 3J students listed alphabetically A-C

Monday pm 12.15 -3.15: 3D + 3J students listed alphabetically D-T
Tuesday am 9.15 – 12.15: 3N + 3M students listed alphabetically A-L
Tuesday pm 12.15 – 3.15: 3C + 3M students listed alphabetically M-W
All students must attend first class in order to register and will be called out to attend the seminar which will take place on the Balcony of the PE Hall. Students attending the morning seminars will return to class for p6. Students attending the afternoon seminars will return to class for p9.
Wishing you all well in your return to school after midterm and I hope you find the Study Seminars motivational and worth while.

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