Adult Education

Criminal Evidence, Murder and Forensic Science

Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:


How much of what you see on television crime shows is actually true? Learn the essentials of forensic science and crime scene analysis in this ten week course. Based on the best-selling books Forensic Science: Crime Scene Analysis and How to Commit the Perfect Murder the course will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Crime Scene Recognition and Documentation
  • What a Crime Scene Investigator looks for
  • Fingerprints
  • Firearms and Explosives
  • Causes of Death and Autopsies
  • Identifying decaying bodies and skeletons
  • Poisons and Toxicology
  • DNA and Serology
  • Criminal Law Evidence
  • How to Commit the Perfect Murder

Featuring new material to cater for return students. This course is perfect for crime writers, readers of detective novels, criminal law students, law enforcers or anyone interested in crime.

Starts: Start date to be confirmed                     7:30 – 9:30pm                        €105

About the Tutor: David Malocco

This tutor has degrees in law, psychology and finance. He is a published author with over 24 books to his name covering such diverse topics as law, psychology, forensic science, criminology and finance. He has studied at NYU, Oxford University, UCD, the Open University, the Institute of Banking and UMS. He is currently completing a doctorate in parapsychology.
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