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Bass Guitar

The aim of this course is to provide the learner with a basic but important and relevant knowledge of the instrument and teach him or her to play along with simple popular songs. In doing so, the students will learn how to read basic standard notation in bass clef, and will also become familiar with a few very basic music theory concepts.

The first part of the class will be devoted to actually learn how to play the bass. We’ll get to know the fretboard with its main positions and the essential playing techniques by using a set of fun and musical exercises, most of them with a play-along track, so that the student will have almost from day one the feel of playing a real music piece.

The second part of the class will be instead devoted to songs. As soon as the learners will have a grasp of the basic playing technique, they will be given the score of a popular song to work on at school with the teacher and the classmates, and then to prepare and practise at home for the following class, when the whole class will perform it. Fun and rewarding! Come and play with us! Own bass guitar and amp required.

Book to be used: Friedland: Hal Leonard Bass Method – Book 1 (2nd Edition, book+audio), Hal Leonard, 1996. ISBN: 9780793563777

• Friedland: Hal Leonard Bass Method – Complete Edition (book+audio), Hal Leonard, 1996.   ISBN: 9780793563838
(In this edition you have Books 1, 2 and 3, that is the complete Hal Leonard Bass Method with all the audio in just one volume. If you decide to keep learning the instrument, even on your own, this version would be a good choice, since it will bring you up to the high-intermediate level)

Please contact the tutor if you have a query about the course:

Thursdays:    8-9:30pm            10 weeks     €100

Tutor: Francesco Felici

Francesco holds a Diploma in electric bass from the Bass To Rock Academy, the first Italian music academy completely devoted to electric bass. He started to play music at the age of 16, his first instrument being the classical guitar, that he studied intensively for four years with a private tutor. Then, fascinated by hard rock and heavy metal, he picked up the electric guitar too, and played it in a hard rock band for a while.
Then, while a student at the University of Trondheim, Norway, he saw in the cafeteria a boy with a bass. He was practising unplugged. Francesco said to himself: “I want to play that”.  Once back to Italy, he got his first instrument and enrolled in the Bass To Rock Academy. He played in several bands, ranging from classic rock to hard rock and thrash metal. He loves all the kinds of bass, fretted and fretless, with four or six strings. He even experimented with a 7-string bass, that he used to compose a piece for his graduation exam. And he deeply loves teaching, which he has been doing privately since he was still a student of the academy.

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