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Physio Led Exercise Classes

Run by the Mybod Fitness/ Physio Team! See their website for bookings:


Suitable for all ages (16+) and levels of fitness

Start Tuesday 26th September 2023

Tuesday classes take place in our Sports gym between 6-8 pm. 


Our Exercise Classes are designed by Physiotherapists with you in mind. Train with confidence and at your own pace, knowing that your class has been created by a Chartered Healthcare Professional. Qualified Instructors will also be on hand to ensure an excellent Participant-Trainer Ratio. Scroll down to learn more about what’s involved and what The Growth Zone is all about!

Exercise Class in Progress

What’s Involved?

Each of our Exercise Classes are 45 minutes in length. We begin with a Warm-up to prime the muscles for the session ahead and elevate our heart rate. The Class is then broken into two main sections, Strength Training and Cardio. We will run through a number of different movements to keep the class engaging, fun and stimulating, all while working multiple muscle groups. The second half of the class will then see us move into the Cardio section. Variety is key once again in this segment of the class. Cardio doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous! We’ll then finish with some core and/or mobility work. If you have any Physiotherapy related questions at the end of the class, you can ask the Physio before you leave!

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Find out more on their website

You can use the widget below to book your slot in one of our Exercise Classes. If you have booked an Exercise Class or a Physiotherapy Session with us before, then you can log into your account below. A bundle of 8 classes can be purchased for €75 at checkout, which we encourage if you plan on coming frequently.

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