Twelfth Night Blog

From Ultan O’ Moráin


Sorry for not uploading a blog in a while. The past week has been very busy for me coming up to the play. I can only imagine how busy the past few days have been for Clara and Jen and all the cast.

All the hard work was not wasted. Three amazing shows were performed from Wednesday through to Friday. The casts hard work paid off  and they performed brilliantly. I got the opportunity to film the play from the front row each night, and ‘amazing’ might be an understatement!

On Friday night, Evan Sunderland brought Clara to tears with his short speech in which he described the past thirteen weeks as life changing. After the show Jen was given a new sketch book decorated by Ciaran Nolan, and Clara was given a megaphone. The megaphone in my opinion was the perfect gift for Clara! Rhiannon Curtis Davis came up with a great idea of giving Clara and Jen a poster that had a personal message from each member of the cast.

At the end of this whole experience, I can only describe all those involved, from the cast to the directors to backstage as one big family. It’s sad that it has to come to an end. I would like to thank Clara and Jen for the great experience and an outstanding play!


There are only a few days to go now! Everything is going well. The programs which will be available on the night are in their final stages, and rehearsals are going along nicely as well.

Members of the cast learnt how to fight on stage with the help of Ciaran, a friend of Clara and Jen.

Tickets are now on sale. The prices can be seen on the main page of the school website. Everything is progressing nicely.


Ten days to go until the first show. All is going well in rehearsals and set design.

Those who will be involved in backstage are now helping out with designing the set. The homes of Olivia and Orsino are in development. The flower pattern wallpaper is looking good

Headshots of the cast are being taken for their profiles in the programs that will be available on the night. In rehearsals, every aspect of the play is being practiced over and over in pursuit of perfection!


The pace is really picking up this week with only two weeks to go until the first show. All the actors and actresses are hard at work, as well as those involved in set design.

The set is beginning to take shape with the construction of some of the main props which include the ship that will feature in the opening scene, as well as the houses that will feature as a backdrop to many of the play’s key moments.

Rehearsals are taking place during school hours now. The cast are learning off their lines and although there are some slip ups here and there, we all know everything will be alright on the night!

21/10/2012 This week I have an interview from Chris Lapitan who is Fabian, a jester in the play

Ceejay, why did you audition for the play?

I auditioned for the play because I wanted to try out acting.

Tell me about your role.

Being a jester, my role is fun for me and funny for those watching

Why did you want to be a jester?

I like to make people laugh and put a smile on their face.

How are rehearsals going so far?

Great! Rehearsals are giving me an idea of what goes on in the acting world.

Are you enjoying yourself to date?

Yes. I am having a great time and have learnt many new skills

14 /10/ 2012   Rehearsals for the play are now well under way. Some of the lead roles include Viola, played by Aisling Whelan, Duke Orsino, played by Ciarán Ingle, Lady Olivia, played by Caroline Flood, Sebastian, played by Aodháin Brown and Malvolio, played by Seán Egan.

This week, ideas for costume and set design were sketched out on large sheets. I realise now that a lot of preparation is involved in set and costume design. On Wednesday, a class of students spent the afternoon sketching out ideas for set and costume. I even gave it a go, but my art skills don’t go much further than stick drawings of people, so I left costume design to those who could draw and focused on ideas for the main set.


7/10/2012   As you may know, the fourth year play is scheduled to take place this November.

This year’s play is the ‘Twelfth Night’ by William Shakespeare, not the batman movie ‘The Dark Knight’ as I thought it was called for quite some time!

All students interested in having a part in the play, spent last week auditioning for their desired role. The drunkards were sought after positions among the guys! As of this week, lead roles have been chosen.

All students who still wish to be involved in the play, are encouraged to turn up for all meetings, as set design and backstage positions have yet to be selected. More information can be found on the notice board in the C-Compound.