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Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:

The Italian language is most known for culture, art and food reasons. Speaking and understanding Italian is the key to fully discovering Italy, a country rich in history, art and literature. Italian also means “Made in Italy” and everyone loves Italian food, wine, fashion and design. It’s the fourth most studied language in the world!
The course is aimed at level A 1.1 / 1.2 so will be suitable for motivated Beginners and also those who have completed one course or who have some basics. It will  review the fundamental elements of the Italian language  and will offer as well cultural activities about Italian culture, art, history and topics that will help students to have a better understanding of this beautiful nation.

This course uses a communicative and interactive approach to develop your Italian speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in a natural manner with real life context.

Next Course Starts: Monday 23rd  January 2023           10weeks         €110       7 – 9:00pm

About the Tutor: Eleonora Gelmi
Eleonora is a certified foreign language teacher, with experience teaching secondary school and adults. She has been studying languages for 20 years, and is currently learning German. She appreciates having an environment where everyone can have fun while discovering a different culture, and learn new words and grammar with examples you can remember – did you know that in Italian when wishing someone good luck, they say “to be in the wolf’s mouth”? With a sentence like that you can learn and remember a few grammar rules, words and pronunciation and you won’t be shocked when you hear someone replying “May the wolf die!”
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