Adult Education

Spanish Beginners Continued

Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:

This introductory course will give you a good grounding in the basics of Spanish with an emphasis on the spoken language. But not only. It will also give you an understandspanishing of the basic grammar structures. Structure awareness is an extremely important tool. This is what will allow you to build and produce your own sentences, without having to memorise them from your notes like a parrot. We will start from how to introduce ourselves, and will then move on to all the main everyday conversational topics: daily routines, family, at the airport, at the hotel and at the restaurant. . Suitable for beginners who have completed an initial course, or for people who wish to brush up and reactivate old basic skills that seem to be gone (they are not!). The course aims to give the visitor to Spain the tools to communicate in a simple but effective way.

Next Course: Start date to be confirmed         10 weeks    €105    7-9pm

For this course there will not be a specified text book. As weekly handouts will be facilitated, it is recommended for students to bring a folder.

About the Tutor:

Raquel Hernanz is a Spanish native speaker with over 8 years of experience teaching Spanish as second language in Dublin. She is currently a Spanish Teacher at Instituto Cervantes She has recently finished a postgraduate course on Applying new technologies to teaching second languages.
One of the reasons she loves teaching Spanish as second language is that she realises how satisfying it is to be able to order a drink at a restaurant, be able to ask for the price or ask for directions when you are on holidays. That is a positive experience for the person travelling but also for the locals, who really appreciate the effort a tourist is making.
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