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Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:

New Course!

Learn how to get out of trouble quickly and safely. Learn techniques that are effective and self-defenserequire no major muscle strength. Develop power and effectiveness without strain or tension. Fun and interactive classes.

Starts Tuesday 23rd Jan. 2018

10 Weeks    €100          7:30 – 9:30pm

About the Tutor: Mr. Ben Somers

Arriving into a Ninjutsu class in 1994, I saw a 5ft weedy looking teacher take down a 6ft 2′ rugby player with apparently no effort. I was immediately hooked. At the time I was closer to the 5ft weedy end of the spectrum, so I could immediately see how it could be of benefit to me to learn this stuff! At the time I was a student in Birmingham and could sometimes feel a little nervous walking home at night. To be fair, nothing ever happened, but the fear was still there.It’s very unpleasant to be accompanied by fear.
As I trained, I didn’t get taller, I didn’t get broader, I didn’t noticeably increase my
muscle mass, I didn’t look like a rugby player! However, my skill increased, my confidence increased and my fear decreased.
Aggressors want an easy target. They’re far less likely to attack someone who seems confident.To be clear, I wasn’t just ‘acting’ confidently. I had actually learned skills that would enable me to deal with a violent situation so I therefore was confident.
I’m passionate about the fact that the skills I learned are not dependant on physical strength. Women have generally less muscle strength than men. This doesn’t matter! Women can be incredibly effective at self-defence.See for more details.


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