Congratulations #maplesotho

Well done to our student team of Global Citizens Mapping the Future who won the Step Up Challenge Category at the Young Social Innovators Final in the National Conference Centre this week. The team also participated in the Digital Champions Event in DCU (see below). Special thanks to Mr Fitzgerald and Ms Cronin their mentors.


Digital Champions DCU

With Minister Denis Naughten. Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Summer Exams and Third Year Block Teaching Timetables.


Please click here for First, Second, TY and Fifth Year Exam Timetables.

Click  Monday 29th May , Tuesday 30th May and Wednesday 31st May  for the Third Year Teaching Timetable.

Portmarnock’s Guidance Team have provided a useful guide to the CAO process and the exams : LEAVING CERT 2017-HELPDESK.

The timetables for the State Exams are here: Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate

Heads Up!

Thanks to Ms Tynan for sending in photos of her first year sculptures.
They had to make a clay sculpture based around what was inside their head and the results were very impressive.
These two are a sample of their great work. Well done to Ms Tynan and 1D.

Adult Education April Classes

Coming Soon:  A new extra term for Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Pre and post natal Pilates:

We will commence a new term in the above courses on the following dates:

Zumba: Tuesday 4th April 7:30pm 7 weeks for €50  in the sports hall

Yoga: Tuesday 18th April 8:15pm 10 weeks for €70 upstairs in the Sports Hall

Pilates: Tuesday 18th April 7pm 10 weeks for €80 upstairs in the Sports Hall

Pilates: Pre and Post natal: Saturday’s from 22nd April 8 weeks for €80 upstairs in the Sports Hall

Tai Chi: Wednesday 26th April 6 weeks for €50 upstairs in the Sports Hall (to be confirmed, numbers dependent).

Present and new students welcome. All courses will cater for mixed levels, so beginners and those with experience welcome.

Enrol online by clicking on the enrol here button.

¡Enhorabuena chicos!

The second years who study Spanish had a talk by the Education Adviser from the Spanish Embassy in Ireland. He talked about different aspects of Spanish culture such as food, literature, history as well as discussing some facts about the Spanish economy. At the end of the talk the students had a quiz in groups to test their understanding.

The talk was greatly enjoyed by students. Here is a picture of the proud winners with their diplomas. ¡Enhorabuena chicos!

Science through Spanish.

Last week, some 5th year students studying Spanish accompanied by their teachers Ms. Cosgrove and Ms. Leggett, went to the Spanish Institute in Dublin 2. We attended a course in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Spanish. Students rotated through 4 different lab-tables in which they performed different experiments with ingredients such as milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit. These experiments were coordinated by four scientists from the SEBBM (the Spanish Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society).

The students really enjoyed combining their Science knowledge and Spanish and there was a great excitement when students managed to fry an egg using cold ethanol and made an egg bounce like a rubber ball with the use of vinegar!

We hope this trip inspired students to see the uses of studying a foreign language in school and how it can be used in a very wide variety of career paths.

Numeracy Week in PCS.

Numeracy week takes place from Monday 6 March. It aims to further raise awareness of the importance of problem solving skills and how they can be applied in everyday situations. There will be puzzles to be solved, prizes to be won and the unveiling of our Numeracy Board.

Thanks to the Numeracy Committee of teachers and Mr Murphy’s Numeracy Team of TY students.

Visit the library during the week and look out for the table in the assembly Hall on Friday.

As part of our numeracy week there will be a ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ challenge, the winner will be the person who guesses correctly or who is closest to.

The jar of sweets will be displayed in the assembly hall on Friday and email Ms Maguire with your answer. One entry per student. Good luck.
There will be a treasure hunt around the school on Friday clue sheets will be available from the library.