Policies and Plans


Admissions Policy 2024/25 here.

( Changes in Admission Policy 2024/25 here.)

Annual Admissions Notice 2024/25 here.

Attendance – Statement of Strategy 2019 here.

Anti-Bullying Policy (2024) here

Child Safeguarding Statement 2024 here.

Covid-19 Policy Statement 2020/21 here

Covid-19 Health and Safety Document here.

Schools Pathway for COVID-19 – the Public Health approach here.

Digital Framework Plan 2019/20 here.

Code of Behaviour 2024 here and School Regulations 2024 here

Data Protection Policy Updated March 2021 here

Data Retention Schedule 2019 here.

Extra-curricular activities: School Tours here

Homework Policy here

ICT and Social Media Acceptable Use Policy 2024 here

Mission Statement here

Participation Policy for Physical Education Department 2024 here

Pastoral Care Policy here

Policy for Religious Education here

Potentially Life Threatening and Chronic Medical Conditions here. Letter to accompany the above policy here

Risk Assessment 2024 here

Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy 2019 here.

School Self Evaluation Report 2017/18 here.

School Self Evaluation Report 2019 here.

Student Anti-bullying Policy here.

Substance Abuse Policy 2017 here

Suspension and Permanent Exclusion Policy 2018 here

Special Educational Needs Policy 2018 here.


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