School Chaplain

At some point in our lives all of us need some kind of support. The School Chaplain is there to support the school community in a pastoral capacity and provides an open-door whereby all members of the school community can receive support in a safe and confidential manner.


Catherine Clarke is the full-time Chaplain in Portmarnock Community School.


Some of the services that she provides in the day to day running of PCS are as follows:


-Working closely with the Religion Department to promote the spiritual aspects of school life

– Teaching RE.

-Organizing school retreats and guest speakers.

-Offering opportunities for prayer/reflection and meditation throughout the school day

-Providing one to one support for students, staff and parents and being available to support the school community especially in times of bereavement or personal crises

-Organizing Liturgical events during the year.  

-Attendance at all year group assemblies

-Maintaining Parish links

-Promoting well-being within the school community and a member of the Pastoral Care Team.

-Charity and Outreach Involvement

-Promoting and supporting leadership within the school community, Catherine is the co-ordinator of the perfecting system and supports senior students in this role.


Please feel free to contact Catherine at anytime on 8038061

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