Well done Jan.

Jan Zacharias Garcia was one of the finalists in the Dublin/Wicklow region of the Junior Maths Competition run by the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association. He represented the school very well with his very happy and supportive family! He received a certificate for reaching the regional final. He is an excellent  young mathematician who enjoys challenging maths problems and is eager and willing to work on tricky questions which he’s never studied before.

Science Week.

Emily O’Shea is a third year student her in PCS she attends the Trinity Walton Club and she has also taken part in STEM and ICE camps partnered with Bank of Ireland. Emily won best Maths project for Walton 1 and has exhibited at Inspirefest and Dublinmaker. Emily is speaking to assembly groups this week in support of Science week to show students how they can take part in the Science area outside of school. Other activities include Quizzes and displays and a visit to dunsink Observatory on Thursday night with thanks to Mr Murphy.

Maths Week 14-22 October.

Maths Week is 14th October to 22nd October. Portmarnock Community School have some exciting events planned for the week..

Maths Week HQ has been very busy.

There will be Junior and Senior Maths question of the day for all our budding Mathematicians to solve. A Junior and Senior question will be posted  all around the school, with the help of Ms McDonald’s 4th year Maths class in the morning.  Answers need to be submitted into the Maths Solution box on stage in the Assembly all,  by 1.15pm everyday, for Mr O’Reilly to announce the winners the following morning. Yes, there will be a wonderful prize for each of our winners!!!

Finally, our grand finale is the Rubik’s Rumble on Friday the 20th October. All students are invited to complete the Rubik’s Cube as quickly as possible. The Rumble will take place on Stage in the Assembly Hall at 1.10 pm. Enter students, if you dare!!!

Power(ful) Points from Ms Kernan’s First Year Class.

Ms Kernan asked 1N to present Powerpoints on energy and was electrified by the the high standard of the science projects.

Joel Kombara did his presentation on the general heading of ‘Energy’
Niall Heeney and Ben Mc Carthy were gas with their ‘Fossil Fuels’
Sarah O’ Flaherty and Leah Foran shone with ‘Solar Energy’. ‘Nuclear Power’ by Emile Meister, Dumebi Nwosu and Darragh Hogan got a great reaction and ‘Water Power’ by Lauren Upton was dam good. (Sad puns supplied by Mr Clarke). Well done to 1N and Ms Kernan. Click on the Powerpoints below to view them:

New Numeracy Board.

Thanks to Mr Murphy and the TY numeracy group, Ms Maguire Ms Bradley Ms McWilliams and  Ms Tynan for the art supplies.

Numeracy Week in PCS.

Numeracy week takes place from Monday 6 March. It aims to further raise awareness of the importance of problem solving skills and how they can be applied in everyday situations. There will be puzzles to be solved, prizes to be won and the unveiling of our Numeracy Board.

Thanks to the Numeracy Committee of teachers and Mr Murphy’s Numeracy Team of TY students.

Visit the library during the week and look out for the table in the assembly Hall on Friday.

As part of our numeracy week there will be a ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ challenge, the winner will be the person who guesses correctly or who is closest to.

The jar of sweets will be displayed in the assembly hall on Friday and email Ms Maguire with your answer. One entry per student. Good luck.
There will be a treasure hunt around the school on Friday clue sheets will be available from the library.

Everything points to Portmarnock community school