Letter to the School Community from Ms Tobin.

Dear students, families and friends,


I hope the first half term of the new academic year has been going well for you, particularly those of you for whom September 2023 marked the first step in your journey with us here at Portmarnock C.S. The new school year always involves changes of different kinds but I hope that as the weeks have passed you are all settling in and enjoying school life.

Many of you will be aware that I had to take illness leave in December 2022 and I am very happy to say that I have now been cleared to resume my role as Principal of the school from today, Tuesday 10th October 2023.

I would like to sincerely thank all of my colleagues on the staff here who ensured that the school and all aspects of our work continued without interruption; in particular Mr David Clarke who took on the role of Acting Principal and Ms Orla Coleman who acted as Deputy Principal in Mr Clarke’s place. Thanks to the work of the Senior Management team, Ms Molamphy and Ms Moran, and every single teacher I am returning to a school that has continued to flourish throughout the past ten months.

Mr Clarke will of course now resume Deputy Principal responsibility for our 5th and 6th year students along with Ms Coggins (5th Year Head) and Mr Dempsey (6th Year Head)

As the Principal acts also as Secretary to the Board of Management of the school, all matters relating to correspondence with the Board should be addressed to me here in school.

While I missed many important occasions in the lives of our students and staff this year, I look forward now to returning to continue the new academic year with you all.


Yours sincerely,

Helen Tobin

Principal, Secretary to the Board of Management

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