Positive Mental Health Week.


Mental Health week

This week in school we are focusing on Positive Mental Health Week.

Just as with our physical health, we need to be mindful and caring of our mental health.   Mental health is all about how we think and feel and affects   our emotional well-being.  Positive mental health is about having the resilience to deal with life’s ups and downs and the capacity to live a full and happy life.

So,  as we concentrate our energy on the power of positive mental health over the next five days, we have a few activities lined up that we hope will be of benefit and support to our whole school community – staff and students included.


  • Thought for the day each morning this week will be provided by the Prefects – highlighting the need to look after ourselves and also ways to support one another.


  • The Student Council is coming up with some very creative and thoughtful ideas on how to be kind and caring to those around us. Watch this space…


  • The library is working hard to provide relevant information and literature around mental health. There are things you can do to look after your mental health.   Tips on those ‘little things which can make a big difference’ will be on display around the school.


  • Some 6th and 4th year students are introducing an initiative which will be presented in the form of a Gratitude notice board. Research shows that people who are grateful for what they have in life and practice gratitude regularly are actually more stress resilient.  Gratitude strengthens friendships and self-worth, and it also helps us to celebrate and acknowledge life in the present moment.


  • Mindfulness classes will also take place among different groups of students throughout the week.

An interesting and positive week lies ahead of us.  So, let’s take care of ourselves and one another!

Phantom in Full Rehearsal…

phantom (2)

Excitement is building in PCS in anticipation of our big production of ‘Phantom of the Opera’. Rehearsals are continuing apace while the wonderful set is coming together. The show will book out very quickly..watch this space for ticket details. The dates are from Tuesday 24 March to Friday 27 March. If you don’t get in early you won’t have a ghost of a chance…

PISA tests.



Portmarnock Community School was selected to participate in PISA 2015.(Programme for International Student Assessment). PISA tests student’s abilities in Science, Maths & Literacy across Europe and internationally.
41 students were selected from PCS to take part in this year’s test. External examiners from PISA arrived in school on Monday and both examiners were very impressed and commented on the maturity and excellent participation of all of the students who took part. Well done to all concerned and thanks to Ms McNamee and Ms Dolan for their time.

2K at The Dáil.

2K CSPE Dáil Visit

Report by Conor Ryan.

Our Action Project involved the 2K CSPE class visiting the Dail. We found it very beneficial and it was a successful outing. It occurred on the 15th of January 2015.

We arrived at the Dail just before 11am and we were met by a representative of our Local TD Alan Farrell who was unable to meet us in person. We were brought to the Dail chamber and watched a debate take place between Brendan Howlin and Mary Lou McDonald over the registration of a bill.

We were ushered around the Dail by Pat and he told us the history of the Dail and interesting facts about the building and people who once owned and worked in the building. As he talked to us a bell went off and he explained that this meant a vote was happening and all TDs had six minutes to enter the chamber. Pat told us many interesting things including the First Dail meeting took place in 1919, that women were allowed to vote in 1918 and that Leinster House itself was built in 1745 making it 270 years old.

We were brought to the Seanad and learned that it is also known as the Upper House. In all there are 60 Senators. The Cathaoirleach is the man in charge of the Seanad. We discovered there were two ways to vote; one was to vote by pressing a button and the other was to enter into two different rooms whether you were in favour or against a bill.

We left the Dail at 12:15pm and in all it was an informative and fun day.



Capturing a Moment in Time.


‘Capturing a Moment in Time’ is the theme of our Writing week which takes place in PCS from Monday 2 March to Friday 6 March. There will be student writing on display; student readings of their favourite novels; reflective journal writing and all students will participate in a ‘Drop and Read’ period every day.  See the photos in our Flicker feed of student writing on display on our Literacy Board. Thanks to all of the teachers in our Literacy Group.


Welcome home Action Ireland!

Welcome home to all of our Transition Years who were representing their school and community and working so  hard in the Eastern Cape while we were enjoying our break. Welcome home to Ms Norris, Ms Woods and Mr Fitzgerald and all of the volunteers who by all accounts have done us proud. We look forward to hearing all about this very worthwhile project over the following weeks. Check out the blog above for details.

Santry Success.

A huge congratulations to Lara McEvoy, Eoin Keating, Aaron Cullen and Craig Giles who represented PCS and North Dublin at the Leinster Championships in Santry on Wednesday 11th February. All athletes competed well and should be very proud of there achievements. The competition was fierce and the standard of the athletics was impressive. Best of luck to Craig Giles who’s stunning forth place performance sees him progressing onto the All Ireland Schools’ Cross Country Championships in Clane on the 7th of March.

Peer Teaching Animation



On Thursday, students from our animation and media course took part in a peer teaching programme. The students involved were introduced to a new digital animation programme. For the entire day, they got the opportunity to explore this with the help of their teacher Ms Tynan and online tutorials. These students will now engage in peer teaching this new software to other class members. The students involved were very enthuasiastic and felt that the experience was really beneficial.