Calendar and Booklists 2024/25.

The Academic Calendar 2024/25  can be viewed here.

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The Junior Students’ Books fall under the Book Purchase scheme including stationary.

Transition Year Booklist here.

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Planet Youth Social Survey Findings for Parents/Guardians.

We have participated in the Planet Youth survey which asks our students questions arounfd mental health, social interaction, substance use, family and school. The reults which can be accessed here  are from a cluster of schools in the Estuary Area and includes our students’ input. There are many positive indicators in terms of family and school being important sources of security but also some concerning ones around social media and vaping for example.We will be looking to focus on a key need from these results in the new academic year but the findings might stimulate some healthy conversations within your families in the meantime.

Uniform Appeal from The Parents association.

The Students’ Green Committee and the Parents Association have joined forces to run the PCS Uniform Project.

We would like to collect items of school uniforms (jumpers, trousers, skirts, PE tracksuits and leggings) that are clean and in good condition.

We will organise sales events in the new year for parents that want to support this environment-friendly effort, by buying spare uniforms at great value.

The funds collected will be used to support students’ projects in the school.

Better for our planet, better for your wallet, better for the students.

We thank you for letting other parents know about this project and your continued support of our children.

Email the Parents Association : for further information.

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge for First Years.

Instructions: Read 5 books – across, down, or diagonal. Fill in the information for each book and make sure to complete the associated AR quiz. Bring  your completed BINGO card to your English teacher when you return to school in Autumn for a prize.

Get you Bingo Card here.

Young Social Innovators Award.

Congratulations to our Young Social Innovators group ‘SAOR’ who were awarded the accolade of Global Citizenship Award for their work around period poverty with very real impacts and solutions on the ground in Lesotho in the areas of practical, community based solutions and breaking through taboos.

Thanks to their mentors Ms Clynes and Ms Cronin and Action Ireland Trust for their support. These students are changing the lives of female students in Lesotho by empowering them to take control and to participate in education.

Champions of Ireland!

Champions of Ireland – 1-0 to PCS against Rice College Westport in Athlone in the U17 cup. Congratulations to the lads, Mr O’Keeffe, Mr Breen, the great supporters and the FAI and Athlone FC for hosting. Thanks also to the teachers who accompanied the students and especially Mr Curran who organised it for them.

Action Ireland Trust Blog.

And in the blink of an eye may I add very tired eyes here we are back in the arrivals hall at Dublin Airport.

Thanks to all who contributed to this blog – great to have a repertoire of voices – hope those of you at home appreciated  the diverse experiences from the individual responses of our students. The personal inputs contributed to the authenticity of the blog for which I am profoundly grateful. It certainly made my task so much easier! 

Of course the blog has always been a meaningful way to keep in touch with you at home and to articulate the day to day goings on 12000 miles away, the highs, lows and everything in between. It is also a permanent record for those involved, a significant contribution to the TY e- portfolio and a marvelous reservoir of memories which I suggest you retain either digitally or – go for it! – a printable hard copy, testament to your shared experiences in your teenage years when you forged lifelong friendships and most importantly exemplified the values of social justice & commitment to a fairer world. 

Thank you to all our friends and families here in Ireland that supported us all as we prepared for this life changing journey.


Thank you to all in Action Ireland Trust for all your endless support before and during our amazing journey.

Thanks also to our many friends we have left behind in Lesotho.

Our suitcases were lighter when we arrived back to Dublin but our hearts are a lot fuller with the love and memories of the time we shared with the most wonderful people in the Kingdom of the Sky.

Our hope for these wonderful children is that they “Keep Smiling and Keep Learning”

And that’s a wrap for Lesotho 2024

Over And Out             SWoods


See you all Soon 

Waiting to board here in Johannesburg.

All sad leaving but can’t wait to get back to our families.

See you all back in Dublin  


































Sarah Brady 


Today we did a hike in Clarens. It was very good but quite different to our other hikes there was not  as much climbing or uphills; it was more like a forest walk. We were meant to see a waterfall but due to the drought in Africa it was all dried up which is a very clear sign of the effects of Climate Change.We still got to see what it would look like without the water which was quite cool. Then we did a bit of a uphill climb to finish which was a bit harder but nothing compared to the taba bisu climb in Lesotho. After we finished the hike we were all very hot so we went into the pool the pool is very nice it’s different to our pool in avani hotel. This pool is like a hot tub just not jacuzzi jets or hot water and you can see into the mountains from it. We were all having so much fun no one wanted to get out so we petitioned to let Andy have our meeting in the pool and of course we won. After our meeting we went and got ready for the night becuase we were having our mamma Mia dress up night so everyone was wearing blues and whites. We went to a very nice restaurant and ended our meal with everyone having a sing song. Then to end the day we had a games night in the basement it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately my team didn’t win but it was still a good night. Then we all went to bed.

Sports Day

Today we had our sports day held in Seboka primary school. Here there were plenty of activities for us all to get involved in such as bottle on head which I failed at and then skipping rope games and a lot more. All of the 5 Hub schools joined us.We had music playing and it was a fun time all around. Even just spending some last moments with some of our schools and having some fun down time together was so nice.The kids were all very very impressive, they were definitely better than us despite our efforts. After I went back up to my high school and we had a closing ceremony it was very emotional and they gave our whole group tops and hats. It was lovely but very emotional. We all had a nice day. Everyone also helped finish off the painting of the primary school’s rooms and get the bathroom ready for the opening tomorrow. Today was a great day.

Kayla Woods





























Today March 27th the closing ceremony was in Lithabaneng primary school and was also the opening of the newly built toilets. The ceremony was very emotional as we were having the final goodbye to the children and we realised the effect we have on the children and the impact we have mde.MMany tears were shed by both students and adults.

After we said goodbye to the children we went back to the hotel and got our suitcases ready for the journey  up to Clarens.The journey took around 2 and a half hours including going through both borders.- Once we got to Clarens we went swimming in the pool which has a lovely view of the mountains. We stayed in the Hotel for dinner last night and got it at 7.The food was lovely. After dinner we all relaxed and then went to bed at half 10.

Isobel Keogh.



















On Friday the 22nd of March the majority of the schools were closed for a sports day in the capital of Maseru. Anyone who was in those schools went to Lithabaneng Primary School for painting. Nora and I have been painting a mural of loads of hands on top of each other to show unity and then loads of hobbies, sports and animals around them. When we finished drawing it, everybody in our room helped us to paint it, which took ages and is still a good bit left to do but I think we’ll have it finished by Tuesday. There were people in every classroom painting different murals like Kate Kavanagh painting a parrot which is amazing and others painted suns, rainbows and animals. Anyone who wasn’t painting murals were doing regular paintings in the other classrooms and the library. Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it all done!

By Erica McElroy
















Blog, Kick4Life

On the 21st of March Action Ireland trust went to a football club called Kick4Life in which we played against a local team. We did this by taking turns and rotating groups to play against each other on each team. We went in with confidence but got beaten, as every year before 2024! 

I found it really fun to meet people our own age and to play football together, we also got to see how good they were at football.My favourite part from kick for life was the dinner afterwards, not only because the food was amazing but also because we got to chat with the players on the other team. 

We talked about school,sports and what teams we support . We went back out onto the pitch after and played football with them again.It was really interesting to see how similar we really are to people that are so far from us, we learned a lot about the lifestyle and their highschool here from what they told us.
























Ruby Bedford

We started at the guest house in Morija where we were split into two groups; group one went a few minutes ahead of group two.The first bit of the hike was easy and we got to see a beautiful still lake surrounded with cows and horses grazing. 

We then continued on our journey up a steep mountain of rocks. It was hard but the view at the top made it all worth it. We then got to see and learn from our guide about the dinosaur (Pterodactyl) footprints which are visible in a huge rock on its side. Going down was a lot easier but we did still fall a lot! Afterwards we arrived back at the Guest House where we ate a meal that they prepared for us and petted the resident dog. 









Ava Derry

We started off at the Mmelesi Lodge with a beautiful view of traditional hut houses and a huge echoing stage. Then we went for the hike up the mountain to see the place that is now known as the birthplace of the Basotho nation. ‘Thaba Bosiu’ was a great experience. The ascent up the mountain started off with a rocky climb, then it became less steep as we reached a smooth but steep path that led all the way up to the plateau mountaintop. From the top we had a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys and mountains stretching far into the distance. We kept going and saw Mount Qiloane which is the inspiration for the traditional Basotho hats. When we were walking up we were asked to pick up a rock each and later in the walk we dropped it as a peace offering- symbolic of our laying down our weapons as visitors to King Moshoeshoe’s original village would have. I thought it was amazing to see how many rocks were there. We went back to the Mmelesi lodge for some food and to explore the place, the food was cooked perfectly and so were the students with our red faces. The hike taught us lots about the culture and heritage of the country (and also to reapply sunscreen every hour!)






























The Action Ireland Trust swimming program went ahead again this year and it was a great success once again. The swimming program is a great way for the children to learn how to swim and for the TY students to gain a new experience. The TY students brought children from four of the hub schools to introduce them to swimming. All TY students and children thoroughly enjoyed the program as it was something completely different. Overall we would definitely recommend any future students to get involved in the program!

Mary Mckenna, Sarah Codd, Lile Tully, Ryan Grumley, Geordan Neville.


















I had no idea what to expect from my trip to Lesotho.  But I have to say it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 

The Basthu people have made us feel so welcome and they are so so thankful to us for coming out here and helping to make a difference.  It’s really quite humbling.  

The kids are just wonderful. To see them grow and blossom during the week…the ones who shied away a little at the start of the week are now the ones in the thick of it with the school kids here.  Their work ethic is fantastic. Whether it’s working in the classrooms with the kids or painting rooms they have just been fabulous. Every parent should be so proud of them because I certainly am.  

This is an experience I will never forget.

Ornaith Ffrench


This evening we welcomed the Archbishop of Maseru, His Grace Gerard Tlali Leroyholi O.M.I.,  and the newly appointed Irish Ambassador to the Kingdom of Lesotho, His Excellency Austin Gormley to have dinner with us. It was a lovely evening and a memorable event.

Earlier, we started our day in our school groups, in my case I was doing the swimming programme which is where we teach children who have never touched water before how to swim. 

Our next stop was the Seboka primary school where we teach the learners every day after swimming. I taught the children how to do body percussion, which they loved. 

We had our daily 7 o’clock meeting before dinner and then we all got ready to meet our VIP guests.  When the Archbishop and Ambassador Gormley arrived and were seated. After a welcome ‘as Gaeilge’ and speeches from our guests, Zoe and I stood up to do our speeches. I felt amazing!

After the speeches we had dinner and entertainment. There was a traditional Lesotho choir who were phenomenal. We also did our “Texas hold ’em” and “Waka Waka” dances for the guests. It was a proud moment for all of us.


Thursday 21st March 

Kate & Rebecca

After waking up and going down for breakfast and collecting lunch as usual, we all hopped in our vans to start our commute, not before we waited with our convoy for the traffic to go down..

Once we arrived at our school and made a head start on our lesson plans, taking advantage of the twenty five degree weather at nine o clock as after eleven it gets too hot to be outside! We all retreat for the shade of the classrooms and do a huge variety of lessons; from saor menstrual health lessons Generally we eat our lunches quickly in the vans with the air con blasting and go back out to play football, skipping, dancing or blowing bubbles with the droves of kids! 

After school we all went to Lithabaneng to continue painting the walls and murals. We painted for two hours before we got in the vans to go back to the hotel. 

At half six we had a meditation and relaxation session in the hotel before our meeting at seven o clock.After we headed over to Cafe What and got dinner there. It had a lovely atmosphere and delicious food.Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed straight away.

It was a productive day filled with lots of fun.






We started off our day at Lithabaneng High School we talked to the teachers and the Principal of the school about what class plans we were going to be doing with the kids. We were meant to teach dancing but it was way too hot so myslef Anna, Euan and Maria decided to do a music lesson with the grade 9s we performed believer by the imagine dragons half of the class sang and the other half played instruments we were all shocked by how quick they picked up the song and the rhythms. After that I went to do an English lesson with Kayla and Maria we did story writing and listened to music with all the kids and we all shared what music we listen to. When that lesson was over we went straight into another classroom we were meant to do an English lesson but instead decided to do and Irish lesson teaching the kids the basic Irish skills and they once again picked it up so quickly. After that lesson we went for lunch with the sassy van and we had a picnic in the primary school we said hello to a few kids and then finished the day with painting the classrooms.

Today was the first day we went to the schools and meet all the children! We got a shock waking up to room 205 waking us up with a recording of Andy shouting to get up that we slept in. We had a lovely breakfast with a great selection of options. After breakfast we got ready and went to our vans to drive to Lithebenang high school for the opening ceromny. The students singing and dancing was breathtaking and we did a good job at the waka waka and texas hold em. After the ceremony we walked back to our school and ate some lunch. We went to our school and as soon as we got out of the vans there was a swarm of kids around us,so happy to see us as so we’re we! The kids went back to class and we went to each class and introduced ourselves to all the kids and did some dancing. We then went to the barracks to unload what was left of the container. After we were were very tired so we chilled around the pool and had some snacks. Now we are getting ready for our meeting and dinner followed by a quiz to end the night.



Day 2 


Kayla Woods and Aine Lambert 

Today is the 17th of March. Today was our first day here in Lesotho. We started off the day with a wake up call. Every morning each room gets a chance to use their imagination and come up with a way to wake up all the rooms and as we have the whole floor we get to do whatever we want even if it means shouting blaring music it’s all up to us. Todayit was Carl Doran,Tom Kennedy and Dara Loughnanes turn. They woke us all up at 6:30 by banging on our doors while singing and playing Christmas songs. After  this we got up and got ready. We went for breakfast at 7:00 myself and Aine both had a breakfast bar and Beans and toast. It was very nice. We then got water and got into our vans for 7:35. We got into our groups and made our way up to mass. 

We all wore black and when we went in it was a local church. They sang lovely songs and welcomed us with open arms. There were a lot of families there after the mass. All the kids wanted to talk to us and hug us and it was truly amazing to experience this and also an eye opener due to the fact that this very small interaction they were having with us was making their day. We looked at the new bathrooms that are being opened over the time we are here. They are amazing and our team helped build them . We all went shopping and picked up a few bits from the shop. It was our first time fully using rand so it took a bit to get used to but it was interesting to see the price differences on food from here to Ireland. Then we came back to the hotel and had lunch. We had pasta and it was lovely. We went into the meeting room and had our meetings with our school principals and here we discussed what we’d be doing with their kids in the schools. It was amazing to meet them. then we emptied all our resources into our vans so that we are ready for going to the schools tomorrow and also to be able to plan out what we have. It was very exciting to see everything we all had then we practised our dances as tomorrow is the welcome ceremony we are doing a dance to the Waka Waka and Texas Holdom song.

After  this we got to go to the pool we were all having a lot of fun in the pool and as they are in a heatwave right now they had entertainment at the pool so they had karaoke we all had turns to sing songs we sang Valerie dancing queen love and a lot more we had a amazing time we then got ready  for dinner at 7. Before dinner we had our meeting where we went over today and anything we need to know for upcoming days. Then we had dinner as it was Patrick’s day. They had made us their take on an Irish dinner. It was delicious. After this we all played games in the games room together and then all got into bed for 10 and we start all over again tomorrow at 6:30 with the next wake up call.

17/3/24     JOURNEY

We arrived to the airport in and around 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday. We gathered around with our parents and leaders before taking the photo of all of the students together. We then checked our suitcases in and went through security. When we got in we were given in and around an hour to get some food and chill. We then headed to our gate and boarded the flight to Heathrow. The flight was very short and we were at Heathrow airport in no time.

When we landed in Heathrow we had to go through security again. Once we were in the terminal we got a chance to get food for lunch and a bit of food and drink for the long flight. There was a train in the terminal which we all took to get to our gate which was very interesting. The plane we got on was massive and had two floors. On the flight we got two meals and there were lots of snacks on the plane to eat. Many people watched movies and ate their food until the lights in the cabin turned off and most of us decided to get a bit of sleep and before we knew it we had landed in Johannesburg.

Once we landed in Johannesburg we all got off the plane, lined up and proceeded to collect all our bags and put them on trolleys and make our way out the vans that would take us to our hotel in Lesotho,after about 4 hours of driving through the countryside filled with hills and trees we stopped in the small city of Clarence where we got food and snacks for the remainder of the journey. Once we made it to the border we got out of the vans to hand in our passports and then once we were cleared. We got back in the van and made the 5 minute drive to our hotel where we settled into our rooms and had dinner with everyone.

Dara, Carl, Tom


Welcome to the Lesotho blog 2024 where we link in with the PCS community at home to share and showcase our TY trip to Lesotho in Africa. I am delighted to be back in Lesotho and to accept the challenge to anchor our blog this year.

This journey means stepping out of our comfort zones, helping others, working together and ultimately achieving things you never thought possible. As Helen Keller Said “Alone we can do so little together we can do so much”.

The aspiration for the blog is to share with the PCS community at home the emotions Joy, laughter, tears happiness and gratitude etc that each and everyone of us on this journey will experience over the next 14 days.

The hope is from the first post to the last when we return on Easter Saturday we are all going to be proud of our young people.The rewards for their achievements will be immeasurable as they make their personal journeys through life.They will always hold in their hearts the joy they brought to the most humble, happy and loving human beings in the ‘kingdom of the sky’.

Over the next two weeks in this forum you will hear the voices of many people who have travelled to the other side of the globe as we collectively detail personal experiences and share the impact with our families and friends at home in Ireland.



Our school community wishes the 33 students, 3 teachers, our Principal and all of the volunteer adults and parents a safe trip to Lesotho on Friday 15th March. Over the two weeks the team will be very busy with projects ranging from painting classrooms to teaching swimming to building water towers. The SAOR project will be a focus this year with a very practical idea to tackle period poverty involving producing reusable towels and breaking down stigma. Best of luck to the group of over 70 who are representing Portmarnock in such a positive and consistent way. There will be a daily blog on this site where you can follow the team’s experiences.

For an article on the SAOR project click here.

For information on Action Ireland Trust click here.

CAO Presentation.

The Powerpoint from the online CAO presentation by the Guidance Department on Tuesday 12th December can be viewed here.

Leaving Certificate Awards 2023.

The Leaving Certificate Academic Awards took place in an atmosphere of celebration and recognition on Thursday 16th November. Catherine Healy, past pupil, and newly appointed Historian in Residence at the EPIC Museum, spoke of her positive experiences in PCS and the importance of maintaining those invaluable friendships. Ms Norris, Ms Molamphy and Ms Tobin presented the awards which recognised the endeavour and sheer dedication it takes to achieve in the Leaving Certificate Exams as well as the character it shows.

Principal’s Award – Ella Walsh

Ger Kenny Cup and Maths Medal for Excellence in Maths – Aoife Burke

Gold Medal Winner- Highest academic attainment – Lucy Lenihan
Silver Medal awards for academic attainment in LC 2023over 600 points– Allison Rivera-McMahon, Eimear Crean-Lynch, Eloise Campbell Irwin, Aoife Burke
Loreto Education Trust Joy Award – Alannah Foran
Full List: Lucy Lenihan, Aoife Burke, Eloise Campbell Irwin, Eimear Crean-Lynch, Alison Rivera-McMahon, David Stanley, Alannah Foran, Katie Coates, Erin Cassidy, Adam Hickey, Cathal Tuite, Oisin Ffrench, Aoife Daly, Naoise Cullen, Dennis Custic, Alex Gordon, Shauna Lea, Ella Walsh, Senan Fitzgerald and Abigail Sex.

Admissions 2023/24

The deadline for Admissions for next year has now passed. Please contact if you want an application form to be considered after the deadline.

Walk to School Week.

Walk to School Week runs from October 2nd to October 6th. We will be encouraging as many as possible to get active and walk or cycle to school instead of being driven. Walking is one of the best ways to start the day, with multiple benefits to one’s physical and mental health. It also has a positive impact on academic performance, with higher levels of concentration and focus.

For those who normally travel by car, we are asking you to get out of the car and walk the last 500m. You will also be making the school gate area a much safer environment with less traffic and less fumes.

First Year Fun Friday!

Thank you to the First Year Support Team for organizing hot chocolate, biscuits and silly photos for a Fun Friday.

All Ireland Winners!

Our basketball team are travelling home happy after a 53-19 win, first all Ireland win in a good few years for the school! Martin Kostov-Grealy top scored with 15 and Kevin Li chipped in with 13. Brilliant performance from the whole squad. Thanks to Mr Maguire and Mr Riley for their dedication.

Hospice Charity Fundraiser.

Minding Our Mental Health
An Evening of Inspiration and Support

o Nutrition
o Strategies to Control Stress
o Empowerment

to raise funds for
St. Francis Hospice, Raheny

Keynote: Miriam O’Callaghan

Dr. Alison Rooney, Clinical Psychologist
Belén Vásquez, Nutritionist
Dr. Mark Harrold, Clinical Psychologist

At: The Grand Hotel, Malahide
On: Wednesday, October 11 @ 8.00 p.m. sharp
Tickets €25 from

In Memory of a wonderful wife, mother and friend: Carol Harrold

Open Evening Information.

We welcome Sixth Class Parents to visit our Open Evening on Thursday 14th September 2023. This will be an opportunity to see the school and talk to teachers, students and staff.

Due to the popularity of the event we are splitting the evening into two sessions of one hour each to facilitate as many parents as possible. You must book each session through Eventbrite below.

Our Admissions Policy is on the website here.

Our Annual Admission Notice 2024/25 is here.


There will be No Parking on campus so please park at the PSLC or make other arrangements.

5.30pm to 6.30pm :here.

6.30pm to 7.30pm : here.


Leaving Certificate Results Information.

Leaving Certificate 2023 results

Best of luck to our students receiving their results on Friday 25th August. Remember that your are not your grades and there are many routes to achieving your potential. You can call the school at 01 8038056 if you need to talk to a guidance counsellor.

Information on Appeals can be found here.

The Leaving Certificate 2023 results will be issued on the Candidate Self Service Portal (CCSP) at 10am on Friday, 25 August 2023. You can review your results and download or print a statement of your results.

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) will apply the same level of adjustments as made in 2022. It will issue schools with details of adjusted assessments arrangements.

If you have queries about the exam results, you can speak to staff at the State Examinations Commission (SEC) on 1800 111 135 or 1800 111 136 from 9am to 5pm. You can also email

How to access the Leaving Certificate Candidate Self Service Portal (CCSP)

To access your results, you can register on the portal using your exam number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Your PIN is the first 4 digits of your Personal Public Service (PPS) number. You will need a mobile phone number and an email address that the SEC can contact you on. You can read about how to register your account.

If you previously registered for the portal, you can login using your exam number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you have lost your password and previously registered on the portal, you can login and click the forgot your password link. Enter your exam number and the email address you registered with. You will get an email with a link and instructions on how to create a new password.

The State Examinations Commission will publish information on how to view your scripts and appeal your Leaving Certificate results.


Having reviewed our Assessment Structure, we would like to update you on the Summer exams and our approach for next year.

The Summer assessments will take place during the following dates:

  •  1st & 2nd Years – Tuesday 30th of May to Friday 2nd of June. This will be a combination of Exams and Block Classes.
  •  5th Years – Wednesday 24th of May to Friday 2nd of June.
  • 3rd Years – Will continue classes as normal with some block classes from 30th of May.
  •  TY – Exams on 18th to 19th of May followed with Presentation Evening on Tuesday 23rd of May

Normal School Hours will be maintained throughout this period.

Timetables will be issued soon.

Next Year we will continue our November and February assessments but we will be adjusting the February assessment period in order to maximise class time.

Dear Parents/ Guardians

Please find a letter from the HSE regarding the Laura Brennan HPV Vaccination here (PDF).

Please Note:

Who is being offered the Vaccine ?

  • Females (currently in 2nd to 6th Year) Who have not yet received the HPV Vaccine
  • Males (currently in 2nd year to 4th year – Or if a male student went straight into 5th year) Who have not yet received the HPV Vaccine

Action Ireland Trust Blog.

Action Ireland Trust &PSC Lesotho Trip 2023


Monday Mar 27th


And so the story begins…March 2023 in Lesotho


After traveling over 13,944 km, 16hrs of flying, 10 hours of driving with a stopover in Clarens, the PSLC team of 2023 finally arrived at their is where we will capture all our live changing memories in our daily blog that will go to press every day by 9.30pm, no delays, no excuses J … Thanks to everyone who got us here!!!!


Van 2 (Helen on aux) – Harry Dunne, Janet Clynes, Karl Peyton, Darragh Coughlan, Ava Meehan, Helen Butterly, Anna Curtain & Amy McEvoy


Today, our first day of action in Lesotho was one we won’t forget for the rest of our lives.  Starting with the opening ceremony at Makenyane, we received a welcome packed with fun, excitement and a warmth that was evident in all our interactions throughout the day.  We saw traditional dances from students from the five hub schools and preformed our own dance and national anthem. It was a surreal experience! We then proceeded to Lithabeneng where we were met by a very exciting atmosphere as all the kids were lining up at the gates waving posters and flags. We then walked for 15 minutes up the hill to the high school where their opening ceremony took place. We are excited to start working in the schools tomorrow and cannot wait for another day filled with a sea of smiling faces.


Van 4 ( The Vanettes) – Sharon Falvay, Fiona Dowling, Ian Curtin, Ruth McCann, Cara Sexton, Jenna Corcoran, Anna Keogh, James Moran, Conor Gibson


Driving into the opening ceremony felt surreal. The children were so talented. It was clear they were happy to see us and they made us feel so welcome. All their pride and confidence in their songs and dances helped us in our performance. It was truly an amazing experience. Conor played football (an empty water bottle) with the students and that was the most memorable part of his day.



Van 5 – Fran Toomey, Joe Cronin, Aine Myers, Ciara Brogan, Rhys Gilmartin, Elliot Hendricken


Today went to Seboka Primary school after the main welcoming.  When we got there we got an amazing reception from the students & teachers.  We all felt very welcome and couldn’t wait to meet everyone.  Then we introduced ourselves to everyone and they repeated our names back to us.  After that we played football and said hi to everyone.  Finally we took out Grade 7 and taught them loads of different dances. Overall we really enjoyed our day and can’t wait to go back again tomorrow.






Van 6 – Karyn Murphy, , Maeve McNally, Kyanh Lynch, Charlie Cahill, Darragh Corcoran, Ava Collins & Sean O Meara


Today, we set out on a mission to introduce ourselves and make friends in our school Seboka Primary School. We arrived with music playing. As we got out of the vans we were swarmed with Learners looking for hugs and high fives. We  had our lunch and then danced and played sports with the Learners. They loved the conga line and listening to Avicii! After lunch there was a  a welcome assembly by the learners and teachers, the principal spoke and then 7 representatives of the students said a few greeting words and thank yous. We introduced ourselves and received cheers and applauds of excitement. We then took the older grades out and taught them some dances. They loved the Waka Waka, The walls of limerick and the hokey pokey. We then said our  goodbyes with lots of high fives to all the learners as we drove out .



Van 7 (I’m only buzzing off ye)– Paddy Whyte, Collete Cronin, Emma Mooney, Alex Fitzsimons, Alex Redmond, Kian Cronin & Charlie Fitzgerald


We arrived to Makenyane primary school with a warm welcome from the students and teachers. The day started off with a meditation session from Jen to get ready for the day then we went to the kitchen built by Action Ireland which cooks 1100 meals for the students every day , we then went to around to the classrooms and we were greeted by the very excited screaming students and we introduced ourselves and DJ Alex played some music and there was some great fun dancing to it.


Van 8 – Andrea Byrne, Joe McNally, Ciara Hogan, Alannah Tuite, Isabelle Dunne, Rohan Beglan & Chris Yu


Today was our first day going into the school to meet the students and teachers. The opening ceremony was in our school Makenyane. We did our waka waka dance for them and they showed us their poems, singing and dancing. We were so excited to meet them and it was a great new experience. We taught them our Jason derulo dance and they really liked it.

Action Ireland Trust &PSLC Lesotho Trip 2023


Tuesday Mar 28th


The educating & building programs get into full swing today, swimming, sports, arts & crafts, IT to name a few


We finished the day with a visit from the Archbishop and we all got dressed up!!!

Van 4 ( The Vanettes) – Sharon Falvay, Fiona Dowling, Ian Curtin, Ruth McCann, Cara Sexton, Jenna Corcoran, Anna Keogh, James Moran, Conor Gibson


Today was the first day that we carried out our lesson plans in the school. When doing them, it was clear to see just how much the simple things were appreciated, so much so that we were receiving gifts of gratitude from some of the kids. It was really just wonderful to see and experience and it made our jobs so much easier and rewarding.



Van 5 – Fran Toomey, Joe Cronin, Aine Myers, Ciara Brogan, Rhys Gilmartin, Elliot Hendricken


Today went to Seboka Primary school after the main welcoming.  When we got there we got an amazing reception from the students & teachers.  We all felt very welcome and couldn’t wait to meet everyone.  Then we introduced ourselves to everyone and they repeated our names back to us.  After that we played football and said hi to everyone.  Finally we took out Grade 7 and taught them loads of different dances. Overall we really enjoyed our day and can’t wait to go back again tomorrow.




Van 6 ( The Zoo) – Karyn Murphy, , Maeve McNally, Kyanh Lynch, Charlie Cahill, Darragh Corcoran, Ava Collins & Sean O Meara


Today was day 2 of attending Seboka Primary School. We began by continuing the Swimming Program around that Karyn organises every year from about 9.45am with 4 children from each primary school which ended around 10.30am. It was very cloudy during the Swimming Program and the pool was very cold but all of the students adapted quickly and soon were able to swim with very little help. After that we drove to Seboka and partook in sports, dancing and had a meeting with all of the teachers in the school. The meeting with all of the teachers gave us a great insight into how the students behaviour is, what they enjoy and how the school system works in Lesotho. We had stations set up for the Sports end of things which was organised by Joe and it worked very well and got the children to interact with us and each other a lot more. The students love to dance – especially to Waka Waka. After the students went home, we had a look around the classrooms to see what we would need to do in order to improve the liveliness of the classroom with murals. Soon after we discussed how both groups got on during the day and organised the next day.








Van 7 (I’m only buzzing off ye)– Paddy Whyte, Collete Cronin, Emma Mooney, Alex Fitzsimons, Alex Redmond, Kian Cronin & Charlie Fitzgerald


We started by going to the school then we went straight into Emma’s lesson plan which was making animal paper plates then we gathered all the children and done some dancing with them then after lunch we played some sports which included football rugby and hurling. We then went to painting in Lithebenang where we started painting the classes. Ms Cronin had a meeting for special education needs.




Van 8 – Andrea Byrne, Joe McNally, Ciara Hogan, Alannah Tuite, Isabelle Dunne, Rohan Beglan & Chris Yu


This morning we introduced a brand new CPR lesson to the school. The principal sat in on the lesson , and had commented on how brilliant it was. We also did some dancing and relay races with the grade 4’s , and we did some simple dances and pass the cones with the grade 2’s as well. We gave out prizes and medals to the winners of the relays , which the children seemed to love. Happy birthday was played lots of times due to it being Andrea’s birthday , of which Andrea had quickly grown not very fond of.

Action Ireland Trust &PSLC Lesotho Trip 2023


Wednesday Mar 29th


The educating & building programs continued today and we are starting to see the fruits of all our work.  We got our first dinner out as well, what an amazing experience.  We all were tucked up in bed by 11!!!!


Van 4 ( The Vanettes) – Sharon Falvay, Fiona Dowling, Ian Curtin, Ruth McCann, Cara Sexton, Jenna Corcoran, Anna Keogh, James Moran, Conor Gibson


We presented the Saor project to 500 boys and girls and they thought it was very educational.

We also did a class on Chatterbox’s which the students really liked and made them take initiative. The teachers said it was really good for kids with difficulties

We finally introduced our selfs to grade 7. And we did a lesson plan with them about gravity using jenga blocks.

We ended the day, painting one of classrooms and danced with some of the students.

At lunch we danced with the kids which was really nice.

We put in a huge effort when painting the classrooms. This showed both determination and a want for redemption.



Today went to Seboka Primary school after the main welcoming.  When we got there we got an amazing reception Van 5 – Fran Toomey, Joe Cronin, Aine Myers, Ciara Brogan, Rhys Gilmartin, Elliot from the students & teachers.  We all felt very welcome and couldn’t wait to meet everyone.  Then we introduced ourselves to everyone and they repeated our names back to us.  After that we played football and said hi to everyone.  Finally we took out Grade 7 and taught them loads of different dances. Overall we really enjoyed our day and can’t wait to go back again tomorrow.

Van 6 ( The Zoo) – Karyn Murphy, , Maeve McNally, Kyanh Lynch, Charlie Cahill, Darragh Corcoran, Ava Collins & Sean O Meara


Today went pretty well as this was the first day of doing our lesson plans. We started with the swimming which again went very well and they learn everything we tell them very quickly. Into the school after lunch we started the lesson plans which was a bit of a worry before but turned out to go really well for all the groups and was a big success all around.  The CPR and Saor project went down really well. We also made clocks and taught the grade fours how to read the time. And as a bonus to the day the packed lunches given to us this time round went down extremely well this time the chicken pita and will hopefully be seen again.

Van 7 (I’m only buzzing off ye)– Paddy Whyte, Collete Cronin, Emma Mooney, Alex Fitzsimons, Alex Redmond, Kian Cronin & Charlie Fitzgerald


Today we started by joining in with the Grade 2’s Jolly Phonix class they were learning to write the letters aswell as how they sound when they are in a word. Then we went to the grade 3 classrooms to do some Arts & Crafts which was GREAT!!! Then we went out and learned a few dances from the children from Lequile Then we went out to play some sports with the Grade 6 there was around 180 kids so it was very challenging but also very enjoyable after we went to do some more painting which was great fun and a good end to the day.


Van 8 – Andrea Byrne, Joe McNally (The kiss of life), Ciara Hogan, Sophia Kelly Alannah Tuite, Isabelle Dunne, Rohan Beglan & Chris Yu


This morning we arrived at the school and split into two groups half of us went out and done sports with grade 1 and 2 and the other half started the Irish plan which the kids all really enjoyed dancing to the different types of music that we played. During lunch we brainstormed different ideas for crafts we could do with the materials we had with us. After that we some of us made bracelets with grade 5 and 6 and after did the cpr plan again. The rest of us brought grade 3 out to the field and we played some games and danced. After school we experimented with different crafts and started painting the walls in   the grade 1 classroom.


Action Ireland Trust &PSLC Lesotho Trip 2023

Thursday Mar 30th

The educating & building programs continued today & we got the play the local Lesotho team in a game of football.


History was made last night in Lesotho when the Action Ireland Trust football team defeated for the first time the Lesotho Football Academy team 8-7 at the Kick 4 Life grounds. In a close fought game AIT opened the scoring with a screamer from Kian Cronin. Kian went on to score 4 goals. Approaching first quarter time out ACT were leading 3-1 after a great goal from Elliot Hendricken and another from Kian. However early second quarter ACT were pegged back to 3-3. The squad of 33 students subbed on and off to ensure everyone played a part in this great win. Remarkable goalkeeping from Rhys (The Cat) Gilmartin ensured ACT remained in the game and Rhys was undoubtedly the Man of the match alongside another brilliant performance from Emma Mooney who scored possibly the goal of the night. While Lesotho academy got 5-3 ahead in Quarter 3 ACT rallied well under the highly motivated team coaches Noel Fitzgerald and Dominic Fitzsimons. Some clever substituting saw goals from Alex Fitzsimons, two more from Kian and another from Elliot to leave the match 8-7 to ACT. The adults made a very brief but impressive performance in the last few minutes to hold out and a brilliant solo from former professional Andy O’Neill saw his finish just sail over the bar. Credit to the Armagh referee Aido Mc Kenna who so used to hard fought games controlled the match superbly. The enthusiastic supporters all played a role in this great win with some great moral support although it had to be said the referee did not take kindly to some comments and reached for his cards at one stage as a warning. Great night had by all with both teams enjoying a well earned BBQ together and some great hospitality at the Kick 4 life Academy. Well done all.



Builder update.

Progress has been steady all week with the building team working on Plasterboarding two Classroom ceilings and the pouring of a new path that connects the classes to the new toilets in Seboka. The water tower in Lithabaneng has just started aslo to be connected to the new toilet blocks. The commitment the team has shown has been amazing.

Action Ireland Trust &PSLC Lesotho Trip 2023

Monday April 3rd

And so we enter week 2 of our Lesotho Trip

We had an action packed weekend, on Saturday we hiked to Morija to see the Dinosaur footprints, we visited a local museum and that night we walked to a local restaurant.  Sunday was an early start with a 3hr mass, we had another amazing hike at Thaba Bosiu and we finished the day with a visit to the St Angela’s school.


Building update

Momentum is flying with the building crew as days go by, lads in Lithbaneng are finished the water and ploughing on with the  roof trusses.  In Seboka Paths prepared, painting of rooms are looking great and the relocation of the water tower has been set in position to be recommissioned and have the toilets up and running by Thursday. All in all great progress has been made and the team are just amazing.

Van 2 (Helen on aux) – Harry Dunne, Janet Clynes, Karl Peyton, Darragh Coughlan, Ava Meehan, Helen Butterly, Anna Curtain & Amy McEvoy


Today we went straight up to the high school. Ava, Amy, Anna and Helen did a soar class while Darragh and Karl helped mr Clark with his English class. Then we had an assembly with the students as a final goodbye to the high school. We spent the rest of the day making Easter cards and painting in the primary school.

Van 4 ( The Vanettes) – Sharon Falvay, Fiona Dowling, Ian Curtin, Ruth McCann, Cara Sexton, Jenna Corcoran, Anna Keogh, James Moran, Conor Gibson


We started the day in the field making Easter art while Cara and Ian painted.
They painted the water tower and then returned to help out with conor’s Easter art lesson plan.
We finished the day off with some mural painting.

Van 5 – Fran Toomey, Joe Cronin, Aine Myers, Ciara Brogan, Rhys Gilmartin, Elliot Hendricken

After the swimming we drove to Seboka primary school, when we arrived it’s was lunch time for all the kids so we played football, danced and blew bubbles with them.
After lunch everybody split up into small groups to complete lesson plans, everyone went to different grades around the school and taught different classes.
After the lesson plans we painted in one of the classrooms and got a lot of progress done.

Van 7 (I’m only buzzing off ye)– Paddy Whyte, Collete Cronin, Emma Mooney, Alex Fitzsimons, Alex Redmond, Kian Cronin & Charlie Fitzgerald


Today we started making bookmarkers with grade 3 and 4 then after lunch they preformed a ceremony and we joined in on their  dances and after that we painted the walls and cleaned the floors in seboka. Jen went to the high school and did more meditation with the teachers there and got a great reaction. Earlier in the day over 500 pupils in Lequele sang Happy Birthday to Emma Mooney on her birthday. Van 7 yesterday managed to finish off some form of activity with 1170 learners over the 6 days. Considering we had 5 students to achieve all this it was a brilliant engagement.

Van 8 (The kiss of life) – Andrea Byrne, Joe McNally, Ciara Hogan, Alannah Tuite, Sophia Kelly, Isabelle Dunne, Rohan Beglan & Chris Yu

Today in the Army Barracks, Alannah & Isabelle started teaching the kids hurling. They really liked learning a sport from our culture and they picked it up really fast. Meanwhile Rohan and Chris were making posters for CPR to leave in the classrooms when we depart. Joe continued doing IT with the learners, especially maths as they have an eager learn to learn it. After lunch we did a sports day with the learners which they really got fully involved in. When the learners went home we painted a full classroom blue and the paint really stood out from the others. Last night our van song was Lay all your love on me for karaoke. It was a great night

Action Ireland Trust &PSLC Lesotho Trip 2023


Tuesday April 4th


Tonight we had our fancy dress party, WHAT A NIGHT!!!!

Building update

Working at full tilt today, just another amazing effort by the while team, up early getting seboka water tank secured, ready to by lifted into place and fully connect and toilets had running water tonight AMAZING. Tower git concreted late and all the painting done to the classroom. Was brilliant. Lithbaneng had got its water tower erected today and what an amazing site it is also to see in the air, the carpenters continued in with the finishing of roof trusses and getting them primed up for finish paint.  Well done with all the fantastic efforts over the last few days. One last push and  all targets will be met.



Van 2 (Helen on aux) – Harry Dunne, Janet Clynes, Karl Peyton, Darragh Coughlan, Ava Meehan, Helen Butterly, Anna Curtain & Amy McEvoy

Van 4 ( The Vanettes) – Sharon Falvay, Fiona Dowling, Ian Curtin, Ruth McCann, Cara Sexton, Jenna Corcoran, Anna Keogh, James Moran, Conor Gibson

Today we met with the lady who makes reusable pads and delivered a talk with her to Lithabenang and the army barracks. She delivered the reusable pads and teachers and students all seemed very happy with them. We also had sports day today where we played pickleball, golf, obstacle courses, soccer, and rounders. Grades 6 and 7 had great fun playing outside. Then to finish off the day we finished up with our murals on the classroom walls.

Van 5 – Fran Toomey, Joe Cronin, Aine Myers, Ciara Brogan, Rhys Gilmartin, Elliot Hendricken


Today in seboka we started the day by teaching grade 5 classes about Irish tales which we focused on Vikings in Ireland. We gave them a sheet to colour in a Viking shield and another sheet to write their names in Viking letters.
At lunch we played with the kids with bubbles and footballs. After lunch we did Easter colouring with both grade 3 classes where they used colours stamps and stickers.
Finally we did painting in a classroom where we got most of the class painted

Van 6 (The Zoo) – Karyn Murphy, Maeve McNally, Kyanh Lynch, Charlie Cahill, Darragh Corcoran, Ava Collins & Sean O Meara


Today was our last day of official teaching in Seboka Primary School. We finished up our swimming program with some students from each primary school and it was very rewarding to see how much progress has been made with the students and even to see how much we have improved since the first day of teaching swimming. Soon after the swimming program ended, we went to Seboka and began by handing out some supplies to teachers and putting some posters on the walls. Then we went to grade 4 and made some Easter cards with them which they seemed to really enjoy. To finish the day, we went to the classrooms to paint with van 7 and do the murals in one of the classrooms.

Van 7 (I’m only buzzing off ye)– Paddy Whyte, Collete Cronin, Emma Mooney, Alex Fitzsimons, Alex Redmond, Kian Cronin & Charlie Fitzgerald

Van 8 (The kiss of life) – Andrea Byrne, Joe McNally, Ciara Hogan, Alannah Tuite, Sophia Kelly, Isabelle Dunne, Rohan Beglan & Chris Yu


This morning we arrived at our hub school and started with some dancing with the grade 4’s. We then split into groups , of which some did some arts and crafts , some did Irish , and the rest did some painting. A second room has nearly been fully painted  and it shouldn’t be long until the second room is finished.







Cross Country Medal Haul.

PCS participated in the Swords Invitational Cross Country relays at St Comchiles GAA grounds on Thursday 24th Feb. 49 students travelled making up 11 relay teams (4 per team) and 5 amazing/helpful supporters. Each team member had to run 640m, which was neither a sprint nor a jog, but was very tough on quite a hilly course. There were 8 races in total, with about 8-10 teams in each race. Portmarnock came away with an amazing medal haul of 6 team medals!!!:

Gold – Senior Girls and Senior Boys

Silver – 3rd/4th year boys

Bronze – 3rd/4th year girls, 3rd/4th year boys and 2nd year boys

Congratulations to all our runners and our supporters out there. You did an amazing job. Looking forward to our next athletics outing which should be the North Leinster Schools Track and Field Championships at the end of April. 


Keeping up the training!!!


Ms McDonald and Ms Coggins


PCS Relay Teams

2nd year Girls – 6th Place 1st year Boys – 6th Place 3rd/4th year Boys – 2nd Place 3rd/4th year Boys – 6th Place
Caela Rivera McMahon Luke Moores Matthew Reen Diarmuid Johnson
Daisy Reid Jayden Maher Robert Burns Chris Yu
Isla Gilliland Finn Rooney Jack O’Hanlon Matthew Boyle
Shifrah Alwyn Dylan Motherway Elliot Hendricken James Tyrell
3rd/4th year Girls – 3rd Place 2nd year Boys – 3rd Place 3rd/4th year Boys – 3rd Place 5th/6th year Boys – 1st Place
Aine Lambert Davide Scaringella Hillard Neville Andrew Cumisky
Kayla Woods Theo Dunne Killian Lynch Callum Marshall
Kate O’Connor Daniel Lin Tom Kennedy Jack Keely
Julie Daly Simon Kinzl Reuben Sex Indrit Domi
5th/6th year Girls – 1st Place 2nd year Boys – 6th Place 3rd/4th year Boys – 4th Place Supporters
Naoise Cullen Sam Goodson Leo Clarke Daniel Burns
Nina Spevec Bucak Dan Byrne Kian Cronin Jamie McCann
Caoimhe Delbello Oswald Alatise Alex Bernard Euan Bell
Ava Holmes Brume Uyovbisere Pablos Graham Marcus Jones Campbell
Robert Leilionas


Team Pictures – Senior Girls and Boys

3rd/4th year boys teams

Silver Medalists

Bronze Medalists

4th Place

6th Place

2nd year boys and girls teams-

Bronze Medalists

6th place

6th place

1st year boys 

6th place


Congratulations to Ms. Orla Coleman on her appointment as Acting Deputy Principal. Ms Coleman will be supporting the TY and Fifth Year Students. We look forward to working with Ms. Coleman and supporting her in her new role.

Evening Study for 3rd, 5th and 6th Years.

Evening Study will take place each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4.10pm till 6.10pm from Monday 16th January to Thursday 11th May 2023. The fee is 150 euro and can be paid through VS Ware. The application forms are available from Ms O’Toole in A5 or in the A compound. The form can be downloaded here.

Mock Exams 2023.

Please click here (PDF) for a letter about payment for the Mock Exams for Third and Sixth Years. A hard copy has gone home with your son/daughter too.

HSE Advice on Group Infections.


The HSE have issued advice to all school communities following a large increase in general viral infections among children and young people this Winter. The most important measure is to stay at home if you are unwell. Full details are here (PDF).

CAO Information Presentation.

The Powerpoint that will be referred to at the remote meeting tonight (Monday 19th December) at 7pm for  Sixth Year Parents and Guardians is here (PDF). A Zoom link was emailed to parents.

A Message from Ms Tobin.


Dear students, families and friends,

I am embarking on medical leave for an extended period that will mean my absence for the remainder of the current academic year.

In my absence I am pleased to announce that Mr David Clarke, of the Deputy Principal team, will take on the role of Acting Principal and will therefore assume responsibility for the day to day operations of the school community, with the support of the Board of Management, teaching staff and administrative team. As Acting Principal, Mr Clarke will also act as Secretary to the Board of Management of the school for all matters relating to correspondence with the Board. While it is with a real sense of regret that I will miss the remaining events of this year’s school calendar, and the many milestones that will take place in the school life of our students before the summer holidays, I look forward to returning to start the new academic year with all my colleagues next September.


In the meantime I know that PCS is in the safe hands of Mr Clarke and the entire staff, all of whom are committed to the work of our school community and are looking forward to continued collaborations that support excellence in academic achievement and outstanding social and emotional learning for all students. I’m very grateful to all my colleagues for their unstinting work to support our students and one another on a daily basis.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you and your families a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and a happy, blessed and prosperous 2023 for all of us.

Beannachtaí na Nollag oraibh go léir agus athbhliain faoí mhaise daoibh.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Tobin

Plant A Bulb Campaign.

Buy A Bulb is a whole school project where each student and their family are asked to buy a bulb or two for €1 each and they will get the opportunity to plant the bulb/bulbs in the wild flower patch along the driveway into the school. Students will plant them in their tutor groups over a period of time before Christmas.
Fingal County Council have pledged a selection of bulbs as have Woodies. It is in aid of Cancer Awareness and Research.

Good Luck to the Class of 2022.

Following a moving and meaningful Graduation ceremony on Monday 23rd May we wish our Class of 2022 all the best in your exams and we remind you and our Junior Cycle students that we are here for you now and throughout June for support.

Incoming First Years Assessment Cancelled.

The Incoming First Year Assessment which was to be held at the end of January has been cancelled.  An Information Evening  will be scheduled – details to follow.

Online Learning January 2021.

8th January 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and Happy New Year for 2021.


Certainly education has been very much dominating news coverage this past week with the ongoing challenge of Covid 19 facing our country. Indeed we are very proud that several of our students have had their voices heard during the national debate about reopening our schools.

The confirmation last night that all students will commence online learning beginning next Monday morning for the next few weeks, at least gives clarity for all, you as students, your teachers and your families. 

January is a busy month for school communities for many reasons, regarding selecting subject choices, presentations on CAO and the TY programme, Mock Examinations – and be assured we will be keeping you updated on all of these matters as time goes on.

For today I would like to focus on our return to remote learning on Monday morning:

We have been here before –  last March – and we have learned a lot about what works best in terms of our engagement with online learning:

  1. You will all be expected to follow your regular timetable from Monday to Friday. Routine will be very important
  2. Make sure you check your school email and Google Classroom regularly for work set and instructions to be followed
  3. Lessons will be a combination of set tasks, live lessons, videos….
  4. Upload your work as soon as you have completed it and submit as an assignment on Google Classroom unless your teacher has specifically requested an email.
  5. Contact your teachers through Classroom asap if you don’t understand or can’t access your work
  6. Do not contact your teachers outside of school hours
  7. Observe email/online etiquette in terms of language and tone. 
  8. Make good use of for resources and live chat support which is an excellent support available to all of you in all subjects.

Let’s work together and make the very most of every learning opportunity we are given this Month.

Meanwhile, I hope you all have a good weekend.

Stay safe, stay well, stay connected.

E Deeney


StudyClix Access for PCS Students.

We are aware that many students have not yet availed themselves of the school licence that we purchased at the start of the academic year
If your son/ daughter already has a StudyClix account the school code (provided in the letter attached : Letter for Parents Portmarnock CS) enables them to upgrade to a ‘plus’ account for free. The school has covered the cost.
If your son/daughter does not yet have a StudyClix account we ask that you encourage them to open one as soon as possible so that they can avail of the extensive resources that are available.
The school code should be entered in the space for ‘payment details’.
We are very grateful for your support in encouraging students’ independent learning and study habits.

Voluntary Contributions.

Voluntary Contributions – Academic Year September 2023 to June 2024


 Dear Parents / Guardians,  


The parents in Portmarnock Community School have supported the school with Voluntary Contributions over the years.  We are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to the school finances. 

The Board of Management and I are acutely aware of the increased financial burden on families at this time. The costs associated with our normal activities as a school have also increased and so we would be very grateful for your continued financial support if at all possible.

The grants funding from the Department  of Education covers all of our necessary running expenses as a school but we rely on income raised, especially through the Voluntary Contribution, to fund and provide other activities and services for our students.

Costs such as student insurance; buses and transport for off site activities and for sporting fixtures; wellbeing events, speakers and activities; a Studyclix licence for all students; Accelerated Reader programme for junior students; the variety shows; graduation celebrations; the school musical; senior prefects; student council; school librarian; school psychotherapist and a range of difference student supports, are all met from school funds outside of the ring fenced grants that we receive from the Department of Education.

For 2023-24, the current school year, we are again seeking Voluntary Contributions for the purposes listed above and to ensure the continuity of all of our school based supports and activities. 

Given the financial pressures facing families currently we are asking for a reduced contribution this year to the amount of €100 for one student attending or €130 per family where more than one student attends the school. These amounts are suggested but all contributions are welcome.

Payment can be made through VSWare in the normal way or by card payment at the school office. Where more than one of your children is a student, the family contribution will only appear beside one of their names.

I’d like to emphasise that the contribution is entirely voluntary. 


With thanks for your continued support of the school.


Kind Regards,

Helen Tobin



Sports Awards.

We are very excited about our Sports Awards night on Thursday 9th May at 7pm in the main school hall. All students who have been involved in our multuitude of sports this year and their parents/guardians are invited to attend. We have so much to celebrate from a very special year of sporting achievement on a night which celebrates participation and recognises the very important role of sports in our school community. Mark Coyle, current Captain of Shelbourne FC, is our guest speaker on the night.

Breakfast now available in school.

From Monday 11th March the canteen will be offering cereals, tea, toast etc from 8am to 8.30am. This is open to all students and forms part of our attendance and punctuality drive.

Everything points to Portmarnock community school