Geography Fieldwork Trip Report by Saoirse Turley.

Geography Fieldtrip

On Friday 2nd October 2015, all of Ms. Moran’s Sixth Year Geography classes went on our Fieldwork Trip. We went to our local beach in Portmarnock to study the different processes that exist in a coastal environment, such as Longshore Drift, Deposition and Erosion.

We had two tasks to complete. The first was a Wave Survey. This involved us finding out the direction of Longshore Drift by watching how an orange moved in the sea and also identifying the type of waves that were present on the day. This would tell us if the waves were depositing or eroding. The second task was a Beach Survey. In this task we identified and measured the different slopes on the beach along with analysing the size and roundness of the various materials on the beach. This would tell us about erosion and deposition.

It was a fun day out on the beach in the sunshine and we got some really good results that we can use to complete our Leaving Certificate Geographical Investigation work. (More images in the Flickr stream).

CAO Advice and Talk for Sixth Years and Parents/Guardians.

There will be a Presentation to Parents/Guardians and Sixth Years on Monday 16 November at 7.30pm. The speaker is Catherine O’Connor, Education Consultant and Author of ‘Cracking the College Code’ who will be addressing the crucial issues of making informed choices and avoiding the pitfalls that lead to a high level of First Year College Dropout.
For information on the CAO process:
Click here for short videos and presentations which Mr Farrell is currently using in-class with his sixth years. The demo is well worth exploring as are the video guides. is a good website for career focused material. is an essential website for general career investigation and subject choice. Qualifax is a great site for details on all college courses.






This is the fourth container that we will dispatch and will see significant support being delivered to the communities at Hlalele and Roma. We have already secured substantial donations; pallets of paint, curtains, books, hospital furniture, medical supplies and equipment.Lesotho Science Equipment

Art students need the following materials: Mounting boards, Scissors, Glue sticks, White School Glue, Pencils, Erasers, Pencil sharpeners, 6″ x 9″ hard plastic trays, Plastic 6-well paint trays, Brushes.


Linen, Curtains, Needles, Thread, Wool, Sewing Machines, Embroidery Machines, Cloth, Tailor’s Chalk, Quilts, Lining, Books on quilt making/sewing/embroidery/knitting.

Babies clothes

Sports equipment / Swing ball / Clothing

Soaps / Toothbrushes / Cleansing Products, Towels 

Stainless steel sheeting for kitchen at Roma.

Toys / games / balloons / bubbles.

Musical Instruments

Insulation for Building Construction

Message of Condolence – Morgan Savage RIP

We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Morgan Savage, Class of 1992, who lost his life in a kayaking accident in the Isle of Wight in September 2015.

Morgan was a most valued member of our school community during the years 1987 – 1992. He was also a most valued member of our wider Portmarnock community for his kind and generous acts in local community projects.

Morgan was an exceptional young man during his years in Portmarnock Community School, contributing in a significant way to the arts and sports in our school. He was also a key leadership figure in our school having been selected to a prefectership role in his final year in PCS.

We offer our sincere condolences to Morgan’s family and his many close friends in the Community of Portmarnock.

May his soul rest in peace.

E Deeney, Principal.


On 22nd October Students from Portmarnock Community School participated in the Annual Cross Country event in the Phoenix Park.  The weather for this year’s event was very pleasant in comparison to previous years.  This year we had 46 competitors and we managed to bring home an astonishing 40 medals.

The day commenced with the First Year Girls event in which Heather Marshall ran an outstanding race finishing Third.  The First Year Girls won Best Overall Team.

Conor Gleeson had an amazing run in the First Year Boys Competition finishing Second.  The First Year Boys team finished fourth overall with only 4 points in the difference from getting medals so keep training and in the next race you will be successful.In the Second Year Boys event Aaron Cullen strode over the finish line comfortably and won the race.  The Second Year Boys won Best Overall Team.

The Third Year Boys Team looked very strong with Craig Giles coming in First and Darren Keane following soon after to take Third place.  The Third Year Boys won Best Overall Team.

In the Senior Girls Competition we had two amazing performances from Lara McEvoy and Alannah Byrne both of whom finished Second and Third respectively (both of these girls ran against senior girls).  The Senior Girls Team finished Third overall.Eoin Keating ran a very impressive Senior Boys race finishing Second.  The Senior Boys Team finished 4th overall.

Thanks to Ms Malone and Ms McDonald for their coaching and mentoring.


Happy Halloween.


We wish all of our students, teachers, staff and their families a restful and safe Mid-Term Break.

Click here for Dublin City Council’s Halloween safety video presented by the Fire Brigade.

This is an excellent animation of phobias for Halloween created by​ First Years Adam Dwyer, Jude Darcy, Ciaran Hegarty, Markuss Lama and Sean Kelly with the help of Ms McWilliams in the library.