Google Visit.

Google visit
On Friday 13th March Ms Carmody brought our 6th year Economics class to visit and tour the Google offices at Barrow Street, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 4. Google has given the nickname “Google Docks” to this area. On arriving we were surprised to see that there are three large buildings all belonging to Google – one of them with 13 floors. The offices had a laid back atmosphere and they included a gym, a swimming pool, kitchens on each floor and many areas to relax while completing work. We saw one man bringing his dog to work. We were also able to test some of the Google products. We really enjoyed the trip and we would recommend the visit to anyone who gets a chance. Thanks to Ms Carmody for organising the trip.
Laura Connolly
6th Year

HSE Vaccinations.

The second round of Vaccinations for First Year Boys and Girls takes place in the school on Monday 20 April. The girls have already filled out their cosent forms and the boys were given theirs on Friday 20 March. Please return the completed forms asap to their tutors whether participating or not.

Any enquiries should be directed to the HSE: or call 01 8164259

PCS’s 2015 Lenten campaign – The Irish Cancer Society


cancer society

As you all know PCS’s focus for Lent this year was on the Irish Cancer Society.   Having been asked by a group of Past Pupils to support  their campaign, Portmarnock Fights Cancer, we were delighted to do our bit to help such a good cause.   On Monday of this week, we had ‘Green Day’ to raise some funds for the Portmarnock Fights Cancer campaign.  We are delighted to announce that we raised the grand total of €1,400!   Very well done to all staff and students who contributed to this fundraiser.   Not alone are we supporting our Past Pupils’ great work to combat cancer, but we are also supporting a great, nation-wide cause.

Many, many thanks to everyone – including all the parents who had to dole out several €2!!

Sr. Ger

Swimming Success…

Gala Winners (2)

Friday 13th can be unlucky for some but it proved very lucky for PCS in the Community Schools’ Swimming Gala! 17 students from 1st year to 5th year attended the gala in Coolmine Community School and brought home 26 Medals! 13 gold, 8 silver and 5 bronze. The relay races proved a real strength, as PCS won the 1st year girls, the 2nd year boys and the senior boys took bronze. Some of the indidivial successes were: Lara McEvoy’s 1st in the girls 1st year backstroke final, Jack Casey’s 1st in the 2nd year boys backstroke final, Keane Tighe 1st in the 3rd year boys breastroke final, Diarmuid O’Hanrahan 1st in the Senior boys backstroke final, Ciara Contes 1st in the senior girls front crawl final and Emma Kelly’s 1st in the 3rd year girls front crawl final.

Congratulations to all who participated on Friday and did themselves and their school proud.


Sean Garry 2nd Boys Breaststroke final

Blaithin Maguire 2nd in the 1st year girl’s breastroke final

Lily Yu 3rd in the 1st year girl’s breastroke final

Adam Mitchel 3rd in the 2nd year boys backstroke final

Rachel Daircie 3rd in the 2nd year girl’s front crawl

Matthew O’Driscoll 2nd in the senior boy’s breastroke final

Cillian O’Sullivan 2nd in the 2th year boy’s breastroke final

Eoin Smith 2nd in the 3rd year boy’s front crawl final.


Well done Lauren!

Enterprise (2)

Congratulations to Transition Year student Lauren Tarpey who competed on March 12th in the regional final of the Fingal Enterprise Mini Company Competition. Lauren got special recognition for her work on her company “Memento”. Assisting Lauren were Sarah Brennan and Cara Mulligan.  Well done to all the girls.

Portmarnock Fights Cancer

cancer society

PCS traditionally does something during Lent to help support and campaign for the aid relief agency, Trócaire. This year we are channelling our financial support nearer to home. Our fundraising for Lent 2015 is going to the Irish Cancer Society.

A group of our recent past pupils has approached us and asked us to support them in their fight against cancer campaign.   This group recently ran a big fundraiser in the form of a ‘Basketballathon’ in the PSLC and raised a large sum of money which they will shortly present to the Irish Cancer Society. Their fundraiser was in memory of the late Jack Dalton, a class mate of theirs and a much loved and respected pupil of ours.Orlagh

Cancer Charity Group

These past pupils will visit PCS on Friday March 13th and give a talk to each of the year groups in the course of the afternoon. The aim of the talk is to raise awareness of cancer research, to offer support to families who are dealing with cancer and to fundraise for the Irish Cancer Society.


Our Lenten effort in school then will take place on Monday, March 16th. We are having a ‘Green Day’ in the school when the students are being asked to pay €2 to wear green clothes to school.   The money we raise will be added to the PSLC fundraiser and presented to the Irish Cancer Society in the near future.



Positive Mental Health Week.

Mental Health week

This week (9-13 March) we are focusing on Positive Mental Health.

Just as with our physical health, we need to be mindful and caring of our mental health.   Mental health is all about how we think and feel and affects our emotional well-being.  Positive mental health is about having the resilience to deal with life’s ups and downs and the capacity to live a full and happy life.

So,  as we concentrate our energy on the power of positive mental health over the next five days, we have activities lined up that we hope will be of benefit and support to our whole school community – staff and students included.

  • Thought for the day each morning this week will be provided by the Prefects – highlighting the need to look after ourselves and also ways to support one another.
  • The Student Council is coming up with some very creative and thoughtful ideas on how to be kind and caring to those around us. Watch this space…
  • The library is working hard to provide relevant information and literature around mental health. There are things you can do to look after your mental health.   Tips on those ‘little things which can make a big difference’ will be on display around the school.
  • Some 6th and 4th year students are introducing an initiative which will be presented in the form of a Gratitude Notice Board. Research shows that people who are grateful for what they have in life and practice gratitude regularly are actually more stress resilient.  Gratitude strengthens friendships and self-worth and it helps us to celebrate and acknowledge life in the present moment.
  • Mindfulness classes will also take place among different groups of students throughout the week.

An interesting and positive week lies ahead of us.  So, let’s take care of ourselves and one another!

PCS Students excelling…

Ciarán Gaffney (4F) has been a vital member of the PCS Equestrian Team for a while. We wish him all the best as he represents Ireland in two International Competitions before the Summer.

Lauren Kilbride’s team took first place in the Cheerleading Nationals this weekend.