Junior Cycle Information for Parents

Powerpoint videos from Ms Maher explaing Junior Cycle for Parentsd 2020/21:

First Year Parents:

Second Year Parents:

Third Year Parents:

Key Dates for Classroom Based Assessments and Revised Arrangements for current Third Years can be found here. . Second Year Key Dates for Classroom Based Assessments will be released by the NCCA later this year

Glossary of Assessment Terms and Acronyms here.

Background Information as a slideshow for parents on the new Junior Cycle beginning with its introduction to schools.

For a brief synopsis of the new Junior Cycle.

Information for parents on Assessment, Reporting and the JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) Certificate.

Example of a JCPA Certificate and the journey towards achieving it.

Video for parents of those following the L2LP in the new Junior Cycle. This programme will only be followed by a student after discussions between the SEN department and parents.

Any Junior Cycle queries can be directed towards our Junior Cycle Coordinator, Ms. Maher, at mmaher@portmarnockcommunityschool.ie. Queries will be answered during school hours as soon as possible.


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