Junior Cycle Information for Parents

Powerpoint videos from Ms Maher explaing Junior Cycle for Parentsd 2020/21:

First Year Parents:

Second Year Parents:

Third Year Parents:

Key Dates for Classroom Based Assessments (Second and Third Year) and Revised Arrangements for current Third Years can be found here.

Glossary of Assessment Terms and Acronyms here.

Background Information as a slideshow for parents on the new Junior Cycle beginning with its introduction to schools.

For a brief synopsis of the new Junior Cycle.

Information for parents on Assessment, Reporting and the JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) Certificate.

Example of a JCPA Certificate and the journey towards achieving it.

Video for parents of those following the L2LP in the new Junior Cycle. This programme will only be followed by a student after discussions between the SEN department and parents.

Any Junior Cycle queries can be directed towards our Junior Cycle Coordinator, Ms. Maher, at mmaher@portmarnockcommunityschool.ie. Queries will be answered during school hours as soon as possible.


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