Video for TY Work-experience & Community Care

T.Y. students and their parents should watch this video – amongst those featured are Hazel Reilly (now in 6th Year and Ms Molamphy, T.Y. co-ordinator). Hazel, was involved in the making of a video on her Work-experience at I.B.M. – She was one of a number of students featured who experienced different types of placements. You can watch it below (video credit:

Can I do (extra) Work-experience ourside these dates?

Yes – in a small number of circumstances

  1. Where e.g. a Hospital / Business / National-body has a set week and you get a place on it. You will inform the school with the letter of offer from that organisation
  2. Where you get an exceptional offer of work experience from a Company (two recent examples were offers from a barristers office and a computing multinational). You will write to the Principal requesting permission to take up the offer stating who is offering you the position, why is has to be undertaken outside the set-dates and what you hope to achieve from it. Please allow the Principal five working days to make a decision. The decision will depend on the disruption it causes to your progress in T.Y. – that will obviously depend on the committment you have shown to the year to date.

When do I start looking for Work-experience?


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