Adult Education

Keyboard (Piano)

Beginners’ class in the keyboard/Piano.

I currently teach Piano/Keyboard and Tin Whistle. I also play other instruments.
Music has been shown to be therapeutic, great for keeping the mind active.
If you are interested in learning a new instrument or perhaps you want to take it up again, then please join me for this 10 week course.

Improvers class in the Keyboard/Piano

This 10 week course builds on the course for beginners.

It will be taught by a mixture of music theory and playing the instrument. With regular practice and knowledge built up over the weeks you will be increasing the musical skills required to play the instrument.

If you have previously played keyboard and just want to get back into it now, have an understanding of some music theory, this maybe the course for you.

If you have already completed the beginners course, then this is the follow on course.

This course will be taught in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

Playing the instrument and learning about:


Time signatures

Key signatures

Musical notation on the treble and bass clef





Verdi Academy | Fairview,NJ | Piano Lessons for Kids

Starts Monday 25th September 2023

Improvers 6pm – 7pm

Beginners 7 pm – 8pm


10 weeks                            €110

Limited to 8 students

About the Tutor: John Brennan  has played a number of instruments since childhood including Piano, Tin whistle, Melodica, Piano Accordion, organ and currently teaches Piano.


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