Adult Education

Spanish Beginners

Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:

Contemplating learning a new language? Maybe you have a passion for travel?  Would you  like to speak Spanish and learn more about the culture?  

Take up the challenge of learning one of the most widely used languages in the world.  You will cover everyday topics: How to greet others, introduce yourself, to talk about where you live and what you do, how to order in a restaurant, shopping… Also you will  get to know the basics of grammar so that you can make sense of “how it works”. You  will learn through games, role play, interactive and fun classes. You won’t regret it!! 


Next Course Starts Monday 25th September 2023

10 weeks      €110         7 – 9pm

About the Tutor:

Hola! My name is Maria Villar. As a Spanish teacher I have more than ten years of experience. I believe that one of my best achievements is that my students come to my class to learn, to enjoy and to socialise in a nice environment. 

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