Adult Education


Portmarnock Community School Adult Education Programme:

This course will help you to improve and gain confidence with your Spanish skills spanish(listening, reading, speaking and writing). Emphasis on practising everyday and holiday situations, listening and grammar exercises. Ideal for those who have completed a beginners course or picked up some Spanish along the way. Emphasis on dialogue and conversation to enable you to communicate effectively. Authentic reading, listening and video materials are used throughout for a range of activities based on everyday Spanish in Spain and Latin America.

Material: Real life material (newspapers, articles, recipes, bills, maps, videos, songs, etc) as well
as material prepared and provided by the teacher (vocabulary and grammar exercises).

Next Course starts: Monday 24th January 2022  7-8:55pm           

10 weeks          €110             

About the Tutor: 

Hola! My name is Maria Villar. As a Spanish teacher I have more than ten years of experience. I believe that one of my best achievements is that my students come to my class to learn, to enjoy and to socialise in a nice environment. 

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