Adult Education

Italian for Beginners

Join Araceli, a native Italian teacher who derives immense joy from witnessing her students gain confidence in their newfound language skills, who finds it truly rewarding when they begin expressing themselves fluently in Italian. Beyond language acquisition, she is passionate about imparting knowledge on Italian culture and society, believing that a holistic understanding enhances language learning.

Araceli will tailor classes to accommodate the unique levels and interests of her students. Whether it involves practicing listening skills, delving into recent articles from magazines or newspapers, or incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, the class will be a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


In this class you will be equipped with language proficiency but also engage in a deep appreciation for the nuances of Italian life.

When: 16th September 2024
Time: 7-9pm
Cost- 110 euro
Duration- 10 weeks
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