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CCE: Traditional Irish music, song and dance for children

May be an image of trumpet, harp, piano, clarinet, flute, violin and text that says 'NIGHT NIGHT PEN OPEN 6:30-7:30 6:30 -7:30 Mon 11th Sept. Traditional Music Classes Monday Evenings Portmarnock Community School FIDDLE WHISTLE •FLUTE ACCORDION CONCERTINA BANJO BODHRÁN .HARP Ccolo OIRI as Comhalc CiRO CiRcann PORt MeaRnOS 0OR More info:'

About CCÉ Port Mearnóg
CCÉ is a non-profit group with aim to introduce Irish Traditional music, singing and dance to the children of Portmarnock and Baldoyle by way of classes, sessions through the medium of both Irish and English. We hold summer camps for children between 6 years and 12 years. To date over half our children attending have been first generation Irish. We also hold adult workshops. All learners are introduced to musical instruments and we our building an instrument bank from which we can lend instruments to those who wish to attend our classes during the year. Our branch was formed in 2013 in response to a number of requests from parents. Contact branch on 083-1822843.
PCS: Starts Set. 18th 2023. Works throughout the year usually with the school term calendar
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