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Jewellery Making 8 week breakdown

Jewellery Making 8 week breakdown of class content:

Week 1
An introduction to the professional quality jeweller’s tools being used during the class.
Go over some health and safety with regard to the tools. Begin the first project – Earrings, create a matching pair of earrings with a textured surface

Week 2
Continue project 1
Introduce project 2 – Pendant, create a pendant by sawing and piercing flat sheet metal.

Week 3
Continue project 2
Introduce project 3 – Necklace, create a multi part necklace by utilizing the skills learned in the
previous 2 projects. In addition students will learn how to make jump rings to link each of the parts
they make together and to make small lengths of chain

Week 4
Continue project 3

Week 5
Continue project 3 if necessary
Introduce project 4 – Ring, using skills learned in the previous projects students will prepare a piece
of metal to form into a ring and learn how to solder it to form on solid ring.

Week 6

Continue project 4
Discuss possible self directed projects with each student which will be the focus of the remaining

Week 7 and 8
Self directed projects with support and guidance. Each student will get one to one time to discuss
their self directed project.

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